Can you eat grass

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You can eat grass but you cannot digest it so it would not be very nutritional. Thanks for using ChaCha. [ Source: ]
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Can you eat grass?
You can ,but I would not suggest it!
Why Do Dogs Eat Grass?
The debate as to why dogs eat grass has been going on for quite some time. Veterinarians and dog owners seem to be divided on the issue, and no one can come up with a complete answer. The truth is that dogs eat grass for a variety of reason…
Is it ok for your dog to eat grass?
grass wont harm the animal, but it is an undigestible material. the animal may vomit it up if there is enough eaten.

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Animal eat grass and they give milk.How does grass produce milk what is the scientific reason behind it.?
Q: Animal eat grass and they give milk.How does grass produce milk what is the scientific reason behind it what is the secret?
A: Whales, orcas, and dolphins don’t eat very much grass but the mothers do suckle their young. You are not asking the right question… Animals that don’t eat grass give milk too (atleast they do if they are mammals and they are females who have given birth).
Why does my dog eat grass all of the time?
Q: I’ve had other dogs that eat grass and weeds from time to time but this dog eats it constantly and it is often reflected in her poops. She is otherwise healthy, vibrant and well fed but I am curious if this is a breed issue or a sign of a potential problem.Thanks for all the great answers. My conclusion is that it is not a problem although I may try to change her food to see if maybe what she’s eating is causing her to have an upset stomach. For those who asked she’s a mixed lab and is 5 years old.
A: Hi…As you’ve said that your dog is healthy, vibrant and well-fe, i guess there is really no problem about your dogs habit of eating grass. Dogs then, may eat grass because, in reality, it is a normal part of their diet.Many times, dogs will vomit after eating grass. Did they eat grass to make them vomit? Or did they vomit because they ate grass? It is a mystery, but it seems that some dogs may eat vegetation when they have an upset stomach.The third reason – they just like it. Some dogs have certain species of grass or plant material that they will search out and eat. We know a beagle who can pick raspberries faster than his owner.In any case, grass eating is basically a normal behavior, and is not of concern unless your dog does it excessively and is showing signs of being unhealthy.
How do grazing animals build proteins, if they only eat grass and such?
Q: I know this is probably a stupid question, but, according to my anatomy book, humans build proteins ONLY by absorbing amino acids from digested proteins. So, if amino acids make proteins, how can herbivores survive? I mean, cows and horses only eat grass – they don’t get any beans or tofu (which is how vegetarians get there proteins, right?) Surely any amino acids in grass would be trace at best?
A: There are 9 different types of amino acids (which is needed for life)Humans and animals make around 5-6 in their own bodies thus, we only need 4-5 through food.I would imagine cows are adapted and there bodies make most of the amino acids themselves and would require one or two amino acids via food. Grass does contain amino acids, every living thing contains amino acids (except most bacteria and single cell organisms).
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