Can you get stretch marks from loosing weight

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The faster we lose the weight the more difficulty the skin has in keeping up with the loss. this is why we get stretch marks. [ Source: ]
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Can you get stretch marks by loosing weight?
yes, sure you can
Will loosing weight get rid of my severe stretch marks??
the answer i no you can not get rid of them by loosing weight it sucks i am 14 years old and have the same problem they will not just disapear they do fade but some ways to make them apear less are lotions containing cocoa butter rub them o…
Does it help to reduce stretch marks and loose skin? Will I lose …?
You will most likely notice an improvement in skin tone after using the machine.

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Can you get stretch marks from loosing weight?
Q: Might sound dumb, but I was just wondering. I’m only 16 and I need to loose a few pounds in the next 4 months, but someone said you can get stretch marks from loosing wieght also.
A: No, you don’t get stretch marks from losing weight. Stretch marks occur when the skin is stretched in a short amount of time… like when someone is pregnant, during physical development, and I’ve seen body builders with them, etc. The stretch marks are just easier to see once the skin is no longer stretched.I don’t think I’ve seen any female over the age of 18 that didn’t have at least a few on their hips and breasts, so I wouldn’t be overly concerned.
What can i do to get rid of stretch marks from loosing weight?
A: Im sorry to tell you this, but they never go away. They are scars that will always be there. There are ways to make them fade, however. Like Bethy suggested, use Palmers Cocoa Butter Formula. I use it every morning and night and it smells so good plus my marks have already slightly faded! Plus, its cheap! =] Also, make sure that when you use this or any other cream that you rub the area in circles. I forgot how this is an advantage, but I know it circulates the area and helps them fade. Another way is to take a womans vitamin with iron. I heard that this fades them pretty quickly and although they will still be there they will be flesh colored and barely noticable!Another way is using a skin firming cream. I heard that Oil of Olay is a good brand, and it smells good too! You can also use self-tanner to disguise them. This -might- help hide them, but it depends on your skin coloring. The only way to get rid of them forever is cosmetic surgery. That or just grin and bare it; they really arent that bad after all, im used to mine! Just be comfortable in your skin!Sorry for the incredibly long comment.
can you get stretch marks from losing weight?
Q: i used to weigh 140 lbs back in i’m around 115-120.but ive seemed to get A LOT of stretch marks on my thighs.can you get stretch marks from loosing weight?and how do i get rid of them?
A: Sometimes, yes – but usually only if you are obese. and 140 is not obese. you could try firming lotion – that might help your sking look tighter.
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