Do apples have lots of sugar

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Yes, apples and all fruits have a natural sugar called Fructose. A small amount of fructose, such as the amount found in most vegetables and fruits, is not a bad thing. Thanks and ChaCha! [ Source: ]
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How much sugar does an apple have?
To control diabetes, we look at carbo levels. It’s not the sugar level that really matters. Good luck

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Is consuming to much natural sugar(bananas, apples, raisins) bad for you?
Q: I know eating a lot of anything can’t be good for you, but is natural sugar bad to consume a lot of? I eat a lot of apples and bananas. Thanks
A: Two fruit portions per day is normally a good rule to sick to. While fruit is good for you, it is high in sugars. Try and snack on veggies and lean protein as well. Maybe some smoked chicken breast or some nuts?
Is eating too much apples bad?
Q: If i ate like 1-2 apples everyday for like a month or more, would that be that bad? I also eat other fruits while eating apples, like watermelon, melon, catalopue, and banana. I’ve heard that apples have lots of sugar, which can affect your health. Should I do like one apple every two days.Would it be bad? I often heard that an apple a day keeps a doctor away, but I believe this is a myth.
A: no. it,s a good thing. lots of nutrients and fiber.
sugar in apples is it bad?
Q: i love to eat a lot of apples but i read online that a large apple has 22g of sugar. and i eat around 3 a day. big apples. now im wondering is that bad sugar or good sugar cuz i try to eat healthy and apples are considered healthy. thanks a lot guyz
A: Sugar in apples is natural occurring sugar so it is not bad, but eating 3 apples a day is a bit over the top.I would leave it at just one a day, that is prefect, 3 is a little too much.Try eating some other fruit in replacement, good luck.
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