Does 5 hour energy give you 5 hours of energy

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The 5 Hour Energy Drink has bad reviews. People say it dehydrates you & causes heart rate to rise. Coffee provides as much energy. [ Source: ]
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Does 5 hour energy give you a “coked-out” feeling??
No, not if you’re not an idiot. I’ve seen people down 2 or 3, then pass out 4 hours later, and then my brother who took it as instructed, had no crash, and better energy for about 5 hours. The commercial suck a big one though.
Do 5-Hour-Energy drinks really give you energy?
It just depends, they don’t do anything for me either. There’s probably a load of science behind it but the bottom line is if they don’t work, don’t bother. Coffee gives you the same effect. If you really need energy, try energy tablets [Lu…
Did anyone see commercial of Tuck saying 5 Hour Energy Drink give…?
Oh man a few months ago I was driving up to osh kosh to work at a plant there, fixing computers. I drank two Monsters. Felt GREAT for the first hour. Then my stomach started churning and I thought I was going to lose lunch all over the plac…

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How does/can a 5 Hour Energy Shot affect you?
Q: My friends and I all want to take either the 5 Hour Energy Shot or 6 Hour Power before a dance on Friday (we are 16 & 17). 1. Which would be the best choice (5 hour energy or 6 hour power)2. How could it affect us?
A: pick 5 hourme and my friends were like totally hyperabout an hour after we got it we were jumping around singing the tellatubbies song (don’t ask)
Does the 5 Hour Energy Drink really have no crash?
Q: The commercials say there’s no crash after drinking the 5 Hour Energy Drink. Is that true? Also, how long does it ACTUALLY last? The full 5 hours?
A: I tried that last year when I was forced by family emergency to make a 12 hour drive in one day after getting off a 16 hour international flight. I was quite pleased with it. I don’t know how safe it is for regular use though: so I’d give you a warning about that. For your regular needs, you should rely on good food and proper rest. But, assuming you have some kind of special situation like finals or an emergency drive, I thought it worked quite well and there was no crash or any crazy jitters as too much caffeine can do. I only drank about half the bottle at a time, then the other half a few hours later. Doing it that way it lasted me more than 5 hours.
What does that new 5 hour energy drink do?
Q: Im planning on going to a dance pretty soon and i want to be really hyper! Like jumping around and everything so what do i have to do to do that? I heard about this new 5 hour energy shot thing that i havent tried yet, would that work?
A: The stuff I tried gave me a niacin blush, and kept me up for 5+ hours with no side effects other than the raised temperature and blush. I was doing a car trip though, and then waiting until dawn to set up a tent. If you try one with a lot of niacin, don’t wear a lot of clothing, or wear layers. You may sweat!
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