Does chewing gum make you gain weight

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Actually chewing gum can make you lose weight. It keeps your mind off of eating and burns extra calories while you chew! ChaCha! [ Source: ]
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Does chewing gum make you gain weight?
no but it makes you feel full because of the air you have intake while chewing the gum.
Can chewing gum make u gain weight?
No, you can’t gain weight from gum, especially sugarless gum, because you aren’t absorbing any calories. Chewing gum isn’t bad for you, but excessive chewing can cause some problems – sore jaw, cavities (sugared gum), gas in your stomach fr…
Does chewing gum cause weight gain?
Gum itself is so low-calorie (around 3-5 calories a piece) that it would require a massive quantity to contribute to any significant weight gain.

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Does chewing gum make you gain or lose weight?
Q: And I’m not talking about the calories either. I’ve heard that chewing gum tricks the body into thinking its eating — is this true? And of it is, would that make you lose weight because you have a smaller appetite, or gain weight… somehow?Btw, im looking to gain weight.Thx in advance!
A: It depends if you swallow or spit..:) just kiddingPossibly a small weight gain from the sugar…not noticable tho if you move at all during the day as any minimal amount of sugar gleaned from the gum would be burned off with one walk to the letter box and back.The chewing motion (mastication) tricks the mouth into salivating (producing amalayse) and also tricks the stomach into thinking it is getting sustinance shortly – which would probably result in stomach ulsers after long term chewing because the acid in the stomach will eat through the lining of the organ itself.Why not just try eating a healthy balanced intake of food – about 2000calories per day and having half an hour exercise too.There really are no short cuts to good health.Good health starts in the brain with a desire to live well and happily. A wholistic approach is often useful – focusing on emotional health and mental harmony along side the education necessary to know what is healthy and what is unrealistic.I wish you well on your journey to full health.Please let me know how you go.I have walked through the hell of distorted mental awareness and have lived to tell the tale.Will you join me in Thriving?It’s pretty darn sweet on this side.
does chewing gum make you gain weight?
Q: what are the side effects of chewing lots of gum? thanks in advance!
A: no but it makes you feel full because of the air you have intake while chewing the gum.
so does chewing gum make you gain weight?
Q: im trying to get a flatter stomach and i havent eaten anything all day but chewed gum and i pratically chewed the whole pack of trident white. and each piece is 5 calories and multiply that by 60. so now i feel like i ate candy or sweets.
A: 60 calories is nothing. you burn more than that chewing the gum. you should be eating more though. when you stop eating, your metabolism slows down and when you start eating again, it’s easier to gain weight.
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