Does diet Dr. Pepper make you gain weight

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Diet Dr Pepper has 0calories so it will not make you gain weight. However, drinking diet soda may make you crave more calories. [ Source: ]
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Does diet soda make you fat?
yes it actually does…please read the article….. Aspartame: What You Don’t Know Can Hurt You Helps Control Weight Gain Myth “I drank diet soda for the obvious reason — to avoid sugar and to avoid weight gain” claims a busine…
Does diet soda cause weight gain?
I understand that it does. The diet sodas are not satisfying a craving for sweets, so many who drink diet sodas tend to snack on a lot of other things. They tend to think that with all the calories they’re saving with the soda, they will no…
Can you gain weight from diet sodas?
I’m on vacation with my family, and usually I pig out on sodas. But this year I’ve only drinken diet sodas, yet I still feel very bloated, and my weight is going up and down by a couple pounds a day. So am I really gaining weight from my …

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diet dr.pepper.. does it make you lose or gain weight.???
A: It’s not really that good for you, but it is LOTS better than drinking regular soda. I personally drink my share of diet soda… I think it is just fine to drink!
Is it possible to gain weight from drinking Diet Coke or Diet Dr. Pepper or Coffee?
Q: I am just curious, I am 22 and I am trying to lose the last fifteen pounds of my “baby fat” from having our last child one year ago, but it’s so hard to work out because I am a stay at home mom, and we live on a gravel road, and I cant put the kids in a stroller and walk. We live far away from a park. what can I do?
A: The doctor told me that you can gain weight from these, as far as coffee not if you drink it black.Maybe you can get someone to watch the kids for 30 min each day, so you can take a good walk if not the doctor said just to walk around the house.He said the main thing was just not to stop to do any thing during your walk just keep going. good luck with weight and the new baby,[ maybe when the kids nap ] would be a good time
Diet soda makes you gain weight?
Q: I need help to understand this. This can of Diet Dr.Pepper I have here says 0 calories. Yet I’ve seen sites saying that diet soda can make you gain weight just as badly as regular soda. So what is in the soda that makes you gain if it isn’t the calories?I’m on a 800-900 calorie daily limit while trying to get 30 minutes of excerise a day or going to the gym 1-3 times a week. Would it be safe to drink 1 can every few days while still on these restrictions?
A: I drank one can of diet soda every day and I lost 70 pounds. So I don’t believe that is true. But some studies show that if you drink diet soda it will make you hungry which will cause you to eat and too much eating will cause weight gain.
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