Does gatorade dehydrate you

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Studies have shown that athletes who hydrate with Gatorade outperform athletes who hydrate with just water in performance measures [ Source: ]
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What does dehydrated mean?
Dr. John’s VitaCrisp Crackers are gently dried using a temperature sensitive machine called a dehydrator rather than baked or cooked like most other snack crackers. This allows for temperature control that keeps the enzymes, vitamins and mi…
Is it okay to give my child Gatorade if he has diarrhea and seems…?;jsessionid=D6B883B5E0CB7548D5B6AEBD16DEA24C.01-02?questionId=71793
It would be better to give him an electrolyte solution such as Pedialyte or Kao Lectrolyte. These are specially formulated to offer the proper amounts of sugar and salt to rehydrate a child. They come in many flavors and even as popsicles. …
Which Gatorade is better for dehydration?
They say Gatorade Rain is the best for hydrating.

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Explain why drinking Gatorade during physical activity would actually dehydrate you instead of hydrate you?
Q: Explain why drinking Gatorade during physical activity would actually dehydrate you instead of hydrate you?
A: Is this a question for a class? Electrolytes are responsible for the fluid balance of your body. Having them in a drink makes said drink good for physical activity. The sugar in the drink is to replace that lost during the physical activity. Water is a good hydrant but lacks as many electrolytes as Gatorade which is needed during summer sports where sweating is more prevalent. When you sweat you expel some electrolytes (sodium and others) which need to be replaced. During summer practices in scorching weather I have heard of teams drinking pickle juice which is full of electrolytes.Therefore Gatorade does not dehydrate you. That would go against what it is made for. With the water and electrolytes how would it be possible without EXCESS levels of sodium which retains water. If it dehydrated you it would also be false advertising which is a crime.
Should you drink Gatorade when your dehydrated?
Q: Should people drink Gatorade when there sick or dehydrated? Or is Gatorade for athletes only?
A: When you are sick and having diarrhea you DO NOT want to drink sugary drinks. It will increase the diarrhea. If you are trying to hydrate it is supposed to be better than water because it replaces the electrolytes and this keeps your muscles from cramping etc…
can gatorade dehydrate you? and has anyone ever fallen into a pool while guarding on accident?????????????????
A: haha! no on the life guarding thing. . . gatorade is lovely and will keep you hydrated, but it’s best to drink water too, cuz water is nature’s purest form and obviously what our body needs! in fact, i’m gonna go drink some right now!
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