Does grape fruit help you loose weight

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Grapefruit is a healthy fruit, which in part with a healthy diet will help you lose weight. [ Source: ]
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Will grapefruit help you loose weight?
yes ,and and i have lost 12kg’s in 1 month on grapefruit diet! as you know,the specific name for ‘grapefruit’ is fat burner,it can lower your cholesterol level and tryglesseri level too.

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Does grape fruit make you skinny?
Q: i heard grape fruit increases your metablism and also makes you skinyy?is that true?what makes u skinny?things i cud eat to help me loose weight?
A: Unfortunately i believe that is an old wives tale. But if you eat an apple or a half a grapefruit when your starving it will fill you up so that you don’t eat as much for your meal, and so in return help to lose weight. But there are no easy answers, you have to walk even when you don’t want to, take the stairs instead of an elevator or escalator and try and replace at least one meal a day with only two choices of fruit, slice them up and mix them with one small tablespoon of peanut butter. But you absolutely, positively have to increase your activity level, even by 20 minutes a day.
Grape fruit diet work?
Q: Hi i was wondering about the grape fruit diet.Does it really work I have been trying to loose weight but will it really work losing 10 pounds in 12 days im 128 pounds and i am overweight for 12 year olds and I want to try I wok out but it doesnt work for me.Can you help if you have done it what should i eat during the diet
A: Diets don’t work. Lifestyle changes do. Eat less, move more. Eat four to six small meals a day with breakfast being your largest and dinner being your smallest. Eat the majority of your calories early in the day. Avoid sodas and junk foods.
How can i loose weight? Im a Boy Teenager.?
Q: OK so im a 16 year old male, i know im overweight and i think i look fat, i know that the way you look is important to everyone, but, my friends say im not or whatever but i know that i am, i make plans to figure out how to reduce my junk food consumption but i can never stick to it. I told my mom that i wanted to died and not eat as much stuff and she just keeps buying it and giving it to me and i dont want to but its just there and so easy. she buys cookies instead of grapes and i do love fruit and stuff. Does anyone have any tips or a plan that can help me either stick to my plan or any suggestions on what to do about this problem. I dont care if i loose only 2-3 pounds a week… i just wanna get my weight down. any help would be so great! thanks
A: Tell your mum again to stop buying junk food! The only way you can loose weight is if you exercise regularly and eat healthy food. If your mum continues buying junk, then tell her over and over again until she gets the message.
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