Does green tea help with weight loss

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Although not a substitute for exercising and a good diet, green tea does aid in weight loss. ChaCha on! [ Source: ]
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The diet green tea,yes.
It definitely does. But be aware: it’s not a “magic pill”. It helps, however, it won’t do all the work by itself. Keeping a diet and a proper exercise program is essential. The key to weight loss is using all these factors that co…… I exercise 2 hours a day at least. I plateaued on my weight loss, but I wasn’t really interested in weight loss anyway. I was more interested in muscle building. I decided to start drinking green …

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Does Twinings Green Tea help weight loss?
Q: I’ve heard that green tea helps weight loss, but is that only the organic proper japanese stuff? or does regular Twinings Green Tea have the same effect?
A: u need to drink around 4-5 cups i think it is and not have a fatty diet like eat healthy and it will help and its really good for u too yeah it does have the same effect
Do the green tea weight loss pills really work?
Q: I just purchased a big bottle of green tea weight loss pills, do they really work? And any tips on weight loss?THE POINT IS IM NOT LAZY, I DO WORK OUT, AND I DO EAT RIGHT, ITS JUST I NEED THE EXTRA BOOST TO CURB MY APPETITE @SS HOLE. IM NOT TALKING TO EVERYONE, IM ONLY TALKING TO THE GUY WHO ANSWERED FIRST.
A: Healthy weight loss is 1-2 pounds per week and you can easily do this without the help of any diet pills. These pills may get more than 2 pounds off per week but it is unhealthy and probably not long lasting. As soon as you stop the pill the weight will come back and you will gain more weight than you lost putting you in a worse position. Instead of trying to lose weight quickly try to do it over a period of time. It is healthier and more likely to stay off for good. For more information on healthy weight loss, visit http://straighthealth.comGuide to Dieting – Forums –
Does sweetened green tea help weight loss?
Q: I know that green tea does, but would sweetened count too?
A: depends what you sweeten it with. i wouldn’t use sugar- its so bad for your skin and teeth and it’s 20 calories a teaspoon. sweetener is 0.6 calories so wouldn’t make a difference to your calorie intake, although most contain aspartame, which is a proven harmful chemical.the best sweetner to use is agave nectar (13.6 calories); it’s natural, doesn’t mess with your blood sugar levels, tastes lovely and shouldn’t make a difference to your calorie intake so could help weightloss.sorry i’ve ranted on a bit, hope it helps.
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