Does protein help you lose weight

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Current evidence indicates that protein-induced energy expenditure and satiety contribute to weight control. ChaCha! [ Source: ]
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Will whey protein help me lose weight?
whey protein is meant to provide fast acting protein to your muscles right after workouts. I have used it to help me to build my muscles and put on weight. Whey will probably make it easier for you to bulk up rather than drop weight. As far…
Do protein drinks help you to lose weight?
yes with caution. the body will start burning stored fats causing ketosis which is very dangerous on the kidneys. the person can develop gout which is deposits of crystals of metabolised protein on bones, a painful disorder. Deaths have bee…
Does soy protein help lose weight?
Everything has a calorific value. Your body can metabolise about 168grammes of protein a day into muscle (if your body needs it) anything else is simply used as fuel. If you are not burning the calories, that fuel will be stored as fat. So …

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How does drinking protein shakes help you lose weight and gain muscle?
Q: To me this makes no sense. I want to lose weight by drinking Protein shakes, but it also cause people who want to build muscle do so? I don’t want to get big like bodybuilders. Is there a trick to making the Protein Shakes go in the direction you want them to?My doctor is crazy and doesn’t know anything, but I’ll ask anyways.
A: I think it’s probably a case of “and or” as in shakes can help you lose weight and or gain muscle. You can get shakes to either ‘replace’ meals, or make it less likely one would eat by satisfying any hunger urges with the protein (as per the previous answer, seek a trained medical opinion before going ahead be wary of online information on this as it generally tries to push one product or range of products that may not be best suited.)Protein goes towards repairing and building muscle in the body, particuarly after strain is placed on them – so unless you’re actively body building/weight training I wouldn’t worry about starting to look like a body-builder. If you’re not weight training, but just performing standard weight loss exercise (light cardio work) then protein shakes would work as a meal replacement or assist with making a healthy eating plan (but again, urging to seek medical opinion before buying – not only for health sakes but protein shakes can be dang expensive.)
Does eating a lot of protein help you lose weight and if so what’s some good high-protein foods?
Q: I don’t eat beef, chicken, or pork and fish is only available on a blue moon. I started tracking my protein and I realized I only get 6-8 grams a day. What’s some real food (not protein bars or supplements) that is high in protein that’ll help me lose weight?
A: There is protein in almost everything–even fruits and veggies. The following sites might be of some help with protein and vegetarian eating. Nuts and beans and soy are excellent sources of protein as well.
I’m confused, does whey protein make you lose weight or gain?
Q: I’m a bit confused, if whey protein is used to gain weight then why do diet gurus emphasize on taking whey protein? I want to take whey protein to lose weight and not to gain weight. Is Soy protein better or is Whey protein better?
A: Protein does not make you gain or lose weight. Over excess of calories makes you gain weight. If you ate 10,000 calories of nothing but protein you would still get fat. Protein builds up, maintains, and replaces the tissues in your body. Your muscles, your organs, and your immune system are made up mostly of protein. When you are trying to lose weight it is critical that you take protein to keep from going into a catabolic state. That means you lose lean muscle instead of fat. You do not want to lose lean tissue becaue lean tissue is what burns calories. Fat is not going to burn any calories at all. So see protein is not just for building muscle, but when you are cutting calories it maintains muscle.
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