Does soy sauce expire

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There is so much salt in soy sauce that nothing will grow in it. The flavors fade after the expiration date but you wont get sick. [ Source: ]
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Does soy sauce expire?
When in doubt, throw it out. That said, I don’t think soy sauce ever goes bad, but all products have a shelf life and 6-8 years is a LONG time.
When is the expiration date on Genji’s soy sauce? It doesn’t stat…?
If unopened, soy sauce has a shelf life of over a year. For the best taste, we recommend that you use it within 3 months after opening. Our original soy sauce is made with our original recipe, specially brewed with sweet rice wine, and has …
How long can you keep soy sauce?
yes of course what kind of a question is that!? That doesn’t answer my question. How long can you keep soy sauce and Teriyaki sauce?

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does soy sauce expire?
Q: im cleaning out the fridge and found a bottle. its been opened and its probly like 6-8years old….: /
A: When in doubt, throw it out.That said, I don’t think soy sauce ever goes bad, but all products have a shelf life and 6-8 years is a LONG time.
Do Soy Sauce expire? [the one in the little packets]?
Q: Weird question, I know. I’m talking about the ones you get in the small packets with you get take out from a restaurant. starlemming: If I get ill….I’m sueing! [sp?]jkAnn H: I was talking about the packets….but thats interesting…-strokes invisible beard-
A: no but if opened yes!
Soy Sauce Expired last month?
Q: I just bought a bottle of sweet soy sauce. When I got home, I just realized that the expiration date says end of Sept 2008. TT_TTI know some leniency is given to expiration dates, so I was wondering how long can I still use it for?
A: I don’t think soy sauce ever goes off, especially not when it is in a sealed bottle, so I think it is fine, and probably will be for several months.Check whether it says that it is a use by date (in which case it could go off) or just a best before date (which means that after that date it may be lesser quality but is still safe to consume). – UK definitions
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