Does weightloss cause missed periods

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Excessive weight loss or gain can cause missed or irregular periods. ChaCha! [ Source: ]
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Does weightloss cause missed periods
Excessive weight loss or gain can cause missed or irregular periods. ChaCha!
Can weight loss be the cause of a missed period?
I am not a physician, but I will weigh in on this one. The answer is a resounding YES. Not only so, but irregular menses resulting from weight loss is a serious medical issue that has to be addressed immediately. Irregular menses is also an…
Can weight loss cause a late period?
Absolutely…every little change in a woman’s life may cause a period to be delayed or even missed. All the best.

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Can taking slimquick cause you to miss your period or make it late?
Q: As of today I am now three days late, and have been taking slimquick since tuesday the 16th of october. Everyone has talked so much about how it helps at the minimum to help tame hunger so i thought i would get out the trusty journal and take the test. Being 32 years old, I didnt figure on massive weightloss, etc.. but now trying to decide if these pills can stop or make late a womans cycle. If so done with those blue pills!
A: Slimquick as a drug in it that make you feel less depressed.Helps your mood. Anything that change your hormones can cause your period change.
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