How are proteins constructed from amino acids

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Naturally in a zwitterion state where the carboxylic acid moiety is ionized and the basic amino group is protonated [ Source: ]
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How are proteins constructed from amino acids?
Like most of the other biological macromolecules, proteins are formed from the linkage of monomers called amino acids.
What are amino acids proteins
Proteins Proteins , which constitute about 10 to 12% of the cell contents, are macromolecules having a significant role in the metabolism of a cell. Proteins are polymers of amino acids . Each protein is a linear, unbranched, polypeptide m …
What are proteins and amino acids?
Proteins are substances made from combinations of amino acids. Amino acids are chemical compounds containing nitrogen, carbon, oxygen, and hydrogen in distinct arrangements. Amino acids usually contain sulfur and sometimes phosphorous, iron…

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How do proteins constructed from amino acids ?
A: To form protein, the amino acids are linked by dehydration synthesis to form peptide bonds. The chain of amino acids is also known as a polypeptide. Some proteins contain only one polypeptide chain while others, such as hemoglobin, contain several polypeptide chains all twisted together. The sequence of amino acids in each polypeptide or protein is unique to that protein, so each protein has its own, unique 3-D shape or native conformation. If even one amino acid in the sequence is changed, that can potentially change the protein’s ability to function. For example, sickle cell anemia is caused by a change in only one nucleotide in the DNA sequence that causes just one amino acid in one of the hemoglobin polypeptide molecules to be different. Because of this, the whole red blood cell ends up being deformed and unable to carry oxygen properly.
how is protein constructed from amino acids?
Q: describe the process.thanks 10pts
A: The amino acids are covalently bonded together like beads on a string or cars in a train. The only difference is that, to make a functional protein, the amino acids have to be in a specific order.
How many amino acids are used to construct proteins in living organisms?
A: 20, and they are mixed around to make millions of different combinations, each combination is a protein
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