How can I eat less

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If you are eating too much, try eating less and less in small increments. ChaCha again! [ Source: ]
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・ 1 Begin your meal with whole grain bread dipped in olive oil. This will send signals to your brain that… ・ 2 When you find yourself feeling hungry, eat fruit with a high water content such as an apple or some… ・ 3 Add Red Pepper to yo…
・ Recognize the amount of food you actually need. Many of us sometimes delight ourselves with one too many… ・ Serve in smaller portions. The idea is simple, many of us continue to eat simply because there is still… ・ Set times for yours…
There are many tricks to eating less: – drink TONS of water, especially before and after meals so that your body feels more full, but drink it all the time – chew gum (has very few calories but keeps your mouth busy) – stay out of the kitch…

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How do I eat less without my parents noticing?
Q: I need to lose weight but I don’t want my parents to go crazy. It’s a long story, but my cousin used to be anorexic and when my sister told my parents that she wanted to go on a diet they FREAKED and watched her 24/7 and she gained. They’re totally nuts, so yeah.How do I eat less like when I go out to eat with them and stuff? Any tips?
A: fill ur plate with mainly veggies and salad
How much less do dogs eat of baked dog kibble over extruded?
Q: Next month I want to buy a baked dog food and they claim that dogs eat a significantly smaller amount of baked food than extruded dog food. Has anyone experienced this? Because people always say dogs eat less of quality dog food over store-brand, and I’ve found that not true at all. Just want to be sure before I pay the extra $30!
A: When I fed Eukenuba, I bought one bag per dog per month. ( Big dogs)Feeding Canidae, I buy 1/2 bag per dog per month.( and their teeth never need cleaned)
Do you eat less if foods are flavorful?
Q: Has anyone found that if foods are flavorful, you tend to eat less; as opposed to eating more of bland foods? I’m trying to shed a few pounds, and I’ve noticed I’m always munching if I eat less flavorful foods. Note that I’m talking flavorful, not spicy. Although that would be a valid second part to the question.
A: Yes, actually and I think it’s because I’m more SATISFIED with flavorful foods. They satisfy my hunger AND my taste buds. If I eat something bland, I almost feel like I haven’t eaten anything at all.
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