How can I gain weight the healthy way

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Heinemann suggests the following ratio: 60%-70% carbohydrates, 10%-15% protein, and a small amount of fat. Eat foods higher in calories, vitamins, and minerals, as opposed to higher in fat or sugar. [ Source: ]
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・ 1 The most important rule of gaining weight is to eat more calories than you burn. Some people who are… ・ 2 Use the Daily Calorie Needs Calculator (link available under resources at the bottom of this page)… ・ 3 When increasing the am…
Those who are extremely lean tend to have weaker immune systems, making them prone to infections, surgical complications, and slower recovery times for illness. They tend to have low muscle mass, and less than ideal hair, teeth, and skin co…
Seeking to gain weight usually implies that one is underweight as a result of a medical condition. Whether caused by anemia, an eating disorder, a metabolic disorder, drug abuse, depression, side effects of medical treatment, or chronic dis…

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How do i gain weight the healthy way?
Q: I weigh 90 pounds standing at 5’1 and i think i need to gain healthy weight! I lost 20 pounds with diet + exercise, not throwing up, purging and all those crap. Normally i jog 60 minutes 5 times a week. If i want to gain weight, should i stop exercising completely?
A: eat more and run. Not jog, but sprint. Trust me, I used to run track for 8 yrs. Running will increase your appetite and muscle. So not only will u gain weight by eating more, you will also gain muscle. Depending on how you want your figure to look like will determine what to do in ur situation, but if u want weight gain and muscle run and eat more. Also, hit the gym and do weight excercises. That will help too.
what is the best way to gain healthy weight?
Q: I am an 18 year old male that weigh’s about 155. I look very skinny. what is the best and fastest way to gain healthy weight and muscle mass. i want to weigh about 165-175 i work out a little but i never see any results, should i use muscle milk, or any other supplments
A: You can’t just work out a little. You have to work out ALOT. About 3 times per week,30-60 mins per day I think . You also can eat healthy food and take less fatty and oily things. This will make you look fatter but it is really unhealthy. Eat plenty of vegetables and fruits daily. It gives you lots of vitamins which is essential for the body. If you want you can take vitamin pills. But I don’t think eating pills that make you fat will work. Don’t eat it if you can’t trust that thing.
What’s the best way to gain (healthy) weight?
Q: I’m one of those people that suffer from high metabolism, and so anything I eat doesn’t really add on to my weight. I want to know if theres a safe/easy way to gain weight without eating junk food items, or having to work out at the gym
A: I had this ‘problem’ when I was younger, but you will find this to be a great thing to have as you get older. Don’t stress out over it if you are doing this to ‘impress the babes’. You will want someone to like you for who you are…if someone likes you for your looks, the relationship will probably not be very deep.For now, concentrate on the complex carbohydrates and healthy sources of protein. You are wise to avoid the junk food because this can lead to diabetes (even if you are not overweight).
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