How can i lose 20 lbs fast

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You can lose 20 pounds by implementing exercise, diet or a drug/supplement regime. Keep on ChaCha’ing. [ Source: ]
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How can i lose 20 lbs fast?
hey… janet here.. hopefully my own personally story can be of some guidance/help to you.. I’m 5’8 and at the time I was about 220 lbs.. and was trying real hard to lose weight for almost 8 months… i just had a baby girl at the time.. an…
What’s a good “healthy” diet to go on to lose 20 lbs fast??
The summer is coming and I need to lose the tummy. I’m not fat, I just don’t look the way I want to. I want to have that flat stomach and get toned. I see so many guys that look great and in shape. What’s the secret that I haven’t figured…
Am i doing ok, in order to lose 20 lbs in 5 or 6 weeks?
To lose 20 lbs in 5-6 weeks is an aggressive approach, but doable. What would be helpful would be to include more weightlifting activities if possible, the more muscle you have the more calories your body burns. Of course consult your docto…

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anyone have advice on how to lose 20 lbs fast?
Q: hey im 14 nd 5′ 8″ nd i weigh 125 lbs but i want to be a model so i need to lose weight fast!
A: liposuction is the answer
What’s the best way to lose 20 lbs fast?
Q: I’m 30 years old, 5’2″ and weight a whopping 130 lbs. I’m used to being about 108-110 lbs. I need to lose about 20-22 lbs by spring. I have tried all kinds of diet pills and they don’t seem to work at all. I work out and eat a very sensible diet. In fact, I’ve been replacing 2 out of 3 meals with Slim Fast drinks. NutriSystem doesn’t work. Any advice?
A: Try eating 5 small, healthy meals a day. I heard this works so much better than skipping meals and doing the shakes.
How do I lose 20 lbs FAST!!!!!!?
Q: I’ve lost 10 lbs already in about 2 1/2 weeks and need to lose 20 more lbs but I think thats just water loss. I havent seen any results since. Ive been exercising 1 hr everyday, sometimes 1 and a half hrs a day, I completely cut out junk food, bread, pastas, soda. I eat tuna, special k cereal wit skim milk, fruits, and chicken, and protein bars. I dont know what else I should be doing. i need to lose the weight FAST for an important event but ive stopped seeing results and its kind of starting to put me down. PLEASE help. and thanks in advance
A: Hi there, I’m affraid it’s almost impossible to lose weight very fast and remain healthy. You can lose weight due to water loss yes, but there is no fast way of losing weight. All the fat has to burn, this is a long process and has to be done controlled.However I think you are doing a very good job. Keep up the good work and you should be okay…Only there is one thing I must add. I think you eat too much proteins. Tuna, chicken and protein bars are a protein bomb! Why do you eat proteins? Do you want to gain muscles?Look if you want to lose weight what good does it make if you gain muscles instead? Muscles are heavier than fat, gaining muscles could be the reason your weight is still the same. You might be losing the fat but it converts into muscles…Just my advice, cut down some of the proteins, keep all the other things as they are, you are doing really a great job!Good luck to you!
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