How can I lose weight if I don’t like vegetables

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Weight loss is all about burning more calories than you eat, the best way is through exercise! Thanks for asking ChaCha! [ Source: ]
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How can i lose weight if i don’t like vegetables?
-fruit. -try eating soy burgers like morning star, boca, etc. -yogurt. most of those vegetarian meals taste great these days. and drink water more often.* eat your meals slowly so you can tell when youre full.*

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how can i lose weight if i don’t like vegetables?
Q: what are some other healthy foods?
A: -fruit. -try eating soy burgers like morning star, boca, etc.-yogurt. most of those vegetarian meals taste great these days.and drink water more often.*eat your meals slowly so you can tell when youre full.*
how much weight can i lose eating mostly fruits and vegetables in 5 weeks?
Q: If my diet consists of water, fruits, vegetables, nuts, half a cup of dry cheerios a day, brown rice, and scrambled eggs, how much weight can i lose in 5 weeks? I’m 5’7 and I weigh 196 so I do have about 70 pounds to lose but I would like to lose 20 pounds in my first 5 weeks. I hate the taste of meat, I am piratically a vegetarian except I do like hot dogs! but since I want to lose weight I can’t eat that so I’d just rather not eat meat at all. However I will probably have meat like chicken once in a while but just not everyday. I also will be going on my elliptical for 30-60 minutes a day 6 times a week and doing Slim in 6 about 5 times a week. Soo how much do you think I can lose? Or if you have gone on a raw fruit and vegetable diet, how much weight did you lose & how long did you last on it? Also please don’t respond with it’s not healthy and how you need meat for protein. I’m NOT asking if it’s healthy. I’m asking how much weight I can lose. Don’t get me wrong, I do want to be healthy! But for now I want to just stick to eating fruits and veggies and then in a few weeks add some meat to my diet.
A: Okay, first let me say that it is perfectly healthy for you to eat only fruits and vegetables, but you must select the right type of fruits and vegetables to fill the void of meat. Why do people eat meat other than for the wonderful taste? They eat it for protein, which your body needs! So if you want to drop meat you must replace with beans, tofu, peanut butter, etc. in order for your body to be in balance.From experience dropping meat from your diet is not an easy task it requires a lot of planning and dedication in order to see results. For as how much weight you can lose I can’t help you with that because it varies, but if you stick with just fruits and vegetables, you will definitely lose weight I guaranteed it.I went on a fruit and vegetable diet last year and lost close to 30 pounds over a course of a year…but I planned my meals and never went hungry.Research healthy vegetarian meal plans so you will lose weight as well as receive all of your vitamins and nutrients.Good Luck!
Are you fat?Do you want to lose weight?
Q: ..ok im going to tell you how to lose weight. why because i love you silly.XD. The truth is America want you to be fat because the medical industry benefit by the life insurance and hospital visits. But, with a little bit of effort and mild life changes you can lose ten to eleventy million lbs.ok,lets begin. why are you fat?Your answers might be,lack of exercise, over eating, poor diet. the truth is your body lose calories just by just being alive , so you can actually lose weight by doing nothing. Over eating?, it is imposible to over eat.IF!!!your eating the right food, i will explain this further. poor diet? ding ding. illill further explain.People are making money off this whole weight problem and refuse to tell you the truth. whats the truth?, its in nature..human nature.WE ARE NOT MADE TO EAT THE “MODERN DAY” FOOD. The truth is if you want to lose weight you have to cut out all Crap that a modern society try to make you believe food actually is. A donut is not food, a icecream is not food, cereals are not foods. you seem to forget we humans are like animal . you wouldnt feed your cat snicker bars and pizza. Understand that your stomach is just as importand as you heart and the crap you put in it leads to medical problems. So what should you eat to be a good weight?well, i am 27 and i have weight 185 lb for the last 10 years, i have a 6 pack and i feel great. I recently entered a challenge where i gained 40LB extra if i take the traditional american diet if i will remain the same, as you see 40lb is a epic failure. however as soon as i returned to my “natural diet” i lost whats this natural diet i am talking about.its a diet consisting only of fruits and vegetable and water. believe me, i eat a ton and never gain a weight because my body is getting all taht it needs. fruits and vegetables don’t make you gain weight, its impossible to gain weight from a fruit and vegetable diet. Listen, yoru going to die fat if you drink soda and eat shit every day of your life. now to speed up the process with out “running 6 miles ” in a gym that make 30 million dollars from you being overweight . i suggest , Doing fun stuff like, oh!! walking your dog, playing with your kids, playing basketball with local kids, going fishing, getting a physical job, run the woods or a park, have more sex, play a sport. ahhhh! you get the point. you don’t have to run billions of miles a year to lose weight you just have to do things that make you sweat a little. losing weight also means you have to cut out bad habits like smoking, eating fats food, drinking and eating meat…yes i said it meat!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!want to know why you eat way too much meat, god damn it i know we are omnivorous but that doesnt mena a chicken has to be next to beans and carrots. the chicken has fat in it, so you basically eating fat. despite out teeth, humans aren’t made to eat meat every day.. don’t believe me, eat chicken every day for a month and see how overweight you become. to lose weight you have to stop eating thing, stop calling your self fat. becuasebeing fat doesnt mena your unhealthy. imagine if animals all try to be skinny. imagine a polo bear being thin, do you think it can survive, imagine if a elephnat decide that 500lb is way too fat that it wants to lose 250 lb. the truth is don’t listen to Hollywood, being thin don’t make you healthier. i bet you a million dollars that paris Hilton cANNOT OUT RUN JACK BLACK IN A RACE. just follow what i said eat fruits and vegetable, excercise by doing fun activities, don’t eat too much meat and be happy with who you are inside and your life will be a hell of a allot better.
A: I ♥ fruit & veges- they are my favourite foods!Just because they are healthy doesn’t mean they are bland and tasteless.. There are lots of sweet healthy foods like cherries, you can even have exotic fruits which are so good…And vegetables can be really good, I love to just eat lots of raw carrots- I am scared one day I will turn orange..
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