How can I lose weight the fastest way

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Some people swear by the Cabbage Soup Diet to lose 10 lbs in only 7 days. Consult with a Dr. before starting any diet plan. [ Source: ]
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・ Step1 Eat the right foods. I know everyone says this, but I’m referring to specific fruits and vegetables… ・ Step2 Eat more often. In addition to eating the right foods, you also need to eat more frequently. Three… ・ Step3 Speaking of…
Hi Mark, There are a couple of ways you can lose weight fast, but the best way is to consume less calories. Try eating 5 or 6 meals a day that are around 400 – 450 calories each, depending on your current weight. Eating more meals with less…
Weight loss is an overall process and there are no magic answers. Pay no attention to weight loss supplements and pills and all the latest fads. You need to think about many factors but most of them are related to issues we’ve known about f…

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How can I lose weight really fast?
Q: Hey i’m havin issues with my weight recently, and I wanna to kno how to lose really fast. I’ve tried evrythin but nothin seems to work for me. Please no one leave comments about ‘u anorexic freak’ or ‘u need help’ because it ain’t like that i just wanna to lose a stone or two is all ok? So yea someone please help I need to lose FAST!
A: You can’t lose a lot of weight really fast. It is just not healthy for you to do. But I mean you could lose 14 pounds in 2 weeks if you worked hard enough. Maybe even more than that honestly. I do not know what all you have tried but make sure you cut down on your calorie intake because your body can only burn so many calories a day. If you want you can check out the website in my source as it leads to more info on weight loss. I am not expert but the site should help you out better than I can. I hope it helps!
Whats the fastest way for a 14 year old to lose weight?
Q: Hey, i’m turning 15 this month and i need a fast and safe way to lose weight fast. I weigh around 128 Ibs and i want to be around 115. I hate my body sooo much im always afraid to show skin because my arms and thighs are huge. Whats the fastest way i can get rid of extra fat fast. I’ve tried eating healthy and exercising but it didn’t work. Anything i can do? Thanks!
A: Fastest Way to Lose Weight…Incline walking!Incline walking is probably the fastest way you’re going to lose weight. Now, I know you probably have walked before, perhaps a lot, and didn’t get much if any weight loss results.Well, that’s because you were walking on a flat ground or didn’t incline a treadmill.But the simple act of inclining a treadmill to either 10 degrees or 15 degrees makes a huge difference. Then all you need to do is walk on it for 15 minutes. Although, I’d rather you walk on it for 20 minutes to help speed up weight loss.So why the difference between walking and incline walking?The major difference is that incline walking forces you to suck in more oxygen. This happens because of a big oxygen deficit that this type of walking creates.Basically, the more heavy you are breathing, the better it is for losing weight fast.Walking on a flat surface does have it’s place for good health and weight loss, but it’s more for maintaining weight loss than it is for creating weight loss.One tip to make incline walking even better. Sprinkle in a few fast runs. A 10 second dash as fast as you can. Then go back to walking. The 10 second run creates more of an “Afterburn” effect where your body will burn fat at a higher rate for up to 18 hours after the workout.
What is that fastest way to lose weight?
Q: I’m going shopping for a bridesmaid dress in about 1 month and i want to lose weight before then? What’s the best way to lose weight fast?
A: First check out what is your blood group and what diet is good for your health .Basically there are 3 types of Diet+ —– HIGHLY BENEFICIAL, FOOD ACTS LIKE MEDICINEO —– NEUTRAL FOOD X —– AVOID, FOOD ACTS LIKE A POISONFirst check out what diet helps lose or gain weight and what diet is really good to be healthy based on your blood group .-Blood group O is for Old.- Type O.”FOODS ENCOURAGE WEIGHT GAIN” Sweetcorn Kidney beans Cabbage Brussel sprout Cauliflower “FOODS ENCOURAGE WEIGHT LOSS” Liv 52 Sea food Iodized salt Liver Red meat Spinach Broccoli -Blood group A is for Agrarian.-__ Type A.”FOODS ENCOURAGE WEIGHT GAIN” Meat Dairy foods Kidney beans Lima beans Wheat “FOODS ENCOURAGE WEIGHT LOSS” Liv 52 Vegetable oils Soya foods Vegetables Pineapple -Blood group B is for Balance.-__ Type B.”FOODS ENCOURAGE WEIGHT GAIN” Lentils Sweetcorn Peanuts Sesame seeds Buckwheat Wheat “FOODS ENCOURAGE WEIGHT LOSS” Liv 52 Green vege Meat Lamb Liver Eggs __ Blood group Type AB.”FOODS ENCOURAGE WEIGHT GAIN” Red meat Kidney beans Seeds Sweetcorn Buckwheat “FOODS ENCOURAGE WEIGHT LOSS”Liv 52 Tofu Seafood Green vege Dairy products Alkaline fruits Pineapples
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