How can you make your nails grow longer

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Don’t use your nails as tools.Wear gloves.Don’t bit your nails or pick at your cuticles.Look after your cuticles.Look after(more?) [ Source: ]
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How do you make your nails grow longer?
a healthy diet, and drink lots of water.
Can i make my nail grow back faster and how long will it take??
using comfrey and euchanasia on the nail wil help
How to make your nails grow?
I had really weak nails and spent years using nail strngthener, they are now fabulous and it didn’t take long to get them write. I got a nail buffer- from Boots, they do a good Ruby and Millie one costs £5 in the nail strengthener section, …

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How do you make your nails grow longer? I’m not looking for any expensive treatment.?
Q: Are there any nail formulas under 20 dollars I can buy that are guaranteed to make your nails grow longer? Please help. Thanks <3
A: Biotin!!!I’m living proof it works.Helps your nails AND hair grow fast.
What is a way to make your nails grow longer?
Q: I’m trying to grow my nails out. I’m a nail-biter but i haven’t bit them for two weeks but they are barely growing. Is there a way i could make them grow longer??
A: Dont bite them.Keep them neat and clean.Get your vitamins, eat fresh.oh, and get LOADS of calcium, that really helped me. (milk, yogurts etc)
I need long nails, FAST! What are some ways to make your nails grow longer fast?
Q: I dont want like $80 nail polish, just some tips to make them grow longer fast.Anything work for you?Thankss :]
A: This has always worked for me. It takes about a week so do this every day for a week. Get two raw eggs and mix them together with some orange juice ( the vitamin C helps them grow faster) Soak your fingers in the bowl for 5-10 minutes. Hope this helps!!!
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