How could I tell if I have liver damage

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Some symptoms of liver damage include jaundice (yellowing of the skin and eyes), light colored stool, and loss of appetite/weight loss. Thanks for using ChaCha!! [ Source: ]
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How can the doctor tell if I have hepatitis A virus infection or …?
Your doctor can do blood tests to measure the body’s response to the hepatitis A virus. Early in the illness a specific antibody to the virus, called IgM, is present indicating current infection. As the body’s immune system fights off the v…
How can I tell if I have damaged my liver by taking too much Aspi…?
You do not make mention of any other Medical Conditions…ASA would probably not cause significant damage to one’s Liver…However, if this is worrying you, bring it to your physicians attention and let him help you with this….Some simple…
Should I use Ferretone, I was told it causes liver damage in larg…?
Overdose of anything can cause problems, but using only 2 or 3 drops a day won’t. Ferrets are prone to liver problems just with their cancer situations. I wouldn’t peg it on small doses of Ferretone. Just use moderation. You can try chewezz…

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How soon does liver damage happen?
Q: In November of 2007 I was raped and since then have not been able to sleep. It just doesn’t happen. I will lay there til the sun comes up just tossing and turning. I started taking over the counter medicine to help me sleep. I take them every night…I went to the doctor and told him my problem and he prescribed me antidepressants thinking that would help me not thing about it and give me rest without sleep medication, but its 2 years later and still no sleep. But it is to the point where I take atleast 4 sleep tablets and they take about 3 hours to even have any effect, if any effect at all. I am worried about liver damage, I know on the bottle it states that you could get liver damage, but how long does it take for your liver to get damaged from tylenol. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.Fyi, the rape happened in 2007. I went to the doctor at the end of 2008 for the problem. I also experience many kidney infections…does acetaminophen have any effect on the kidneys??
A: long term use of sleeping tablets is not a good idea. I was prescribe a sleeping tablet that was viewed as low risk but it was never explained that it was for SHORT term use (3-4 weeks) over time the side effects started to become more noticeable. heart palpitations, tremors and inability to sleep.IF you haven’t spoken with your doctor since 2007 about your problem getting to sleep then you are long overdue to talk with them again. Sometimes a change in medication is the best solution as your body gets used to one type of medication and it starts to be less effective.As far as liver damage from Tylenol it will be dependant on the amount being taken and weather alcohol is also being consumed whilst taking it.
Question on overdose and liver damage?
Q: This is kind of a long story but I will try to make it short. 1 month ago, my husband was drinking a lot of beer and some vodka and then overdosed on generic brand sleeping pills, tylenol pm and approx. 10-12 vicodins. The sleeping pills and tylenol pm I have no idea how many were in each bottle but I think it was quite a bit. Anyhow I did not know how much of anything he took nor did I know at first he took the vicodin, he just started stumbling then immediatly started snoring on our couch and could not talk anymore, just stutter. I then called 911 and when I did, he went into seizures. They got him to our local hospital where he was actually dead for 30 mins and they brought him back and then called the helicopter to transfer him to a trauma hospital. He was doing no breathing on his own and was on full life support showing all signs of brain death. He was on 3 bags of IV medicines at one time to keep his blood pressure even at a normal state. The doctors came out and gave me a 2% chance that he would survive and if he did survive he would be brain damaged due to the lack of oxygen while gone for 30 mins. After doing an EEG and a SSEP test about 13 hours after the overdose, he started to open his eyes and gag on the breathing tubes while able to respond to basic requests such as thumbs up, wiggle toes. The following day after that, he was going to be taken off of the breathing tubes and pulled through it all!! All doctors and nurses and everyone he sees calls it a true miracle that by all means he should not be here on this earth anymore. They did test his liver and organ functions. His liver was extremely elevated but his kidneys were real good with no damage. The doctors told me his tylenol count in his blood was 387 and it should never ever be over 50. I really dont know what that means but that does tell me it was a lot of tylenol. They did test him for Hep. C and B and both came back negative. My question is he still at risk for liver damage after being released from the hospital or would it have showed up already with their tests then? He has been completely sober since that night and is in treatment and counseling. Plus he has tons of support with his family here that love him and he never wants to hurt us again. He is so thankful and prays every night. There was a reason out there that he is still with us. Thank you!
A: His liver should be fine now. It has an amazing ability to heal itself. It’s the only organ in the body that regenerates. You could donate half your liver to someone. Within about a month (unsure about the time, but it’s close) your liver would grow back to its nomral size and the person you donated half your liver to would also grow their half to become a full organ. Once your husband got through his crisis, I believe that was the biggest risk and worst part. I think he is going to be fine now. Wish him the best in getting help since he never wants to go through anything like that again. I also died once shortly after I received my liver transplant. Of course they brought me back since I’m now answering your question. LOL. I was on a ventilator for about a month and had a trach for about 6 weeks. It’s not much fun. I’m doing great today (two years later). You say your husband had 3 IV bags on him at one time. My brother told me he counted 16 of them hooked up to me one day. There were multiple lines in both arms and also arterial lines in my neck. Tubes in my back, tubes in my nose, tubes down my throat breathing for me etc. None of it really bothered me while I laid in a drug indued coma for the first 3 weeks, but after that it was just pure torture to me. It was quite an ordeal, but worth it in the end since it gave me a second chance at life. Your husband has been given a second chance too, so tell him to make the best of it. Once you go through something like this, it does something to you. You look at things differently. I have learned to count my blessings and appreciate the things I have much more.
Can anyone give advice on liver function blood test I was so angry at my GP.?
Q: I had flu, pleurisy and a kidney infection. I was put on two different anti-biotics and co-codamol. After recovery and return to work I had a blood test and was told my liver was damaged. The levels indicated it could be alcohol abuse, I rarely drink and I felt I was being accused. When I argued this I was told it ‘could’ be paracetamol!! Will my liver return to normal and how can I help it? Obviously I don’t take paracetamol now but I worry if I have an odd glass of wine. Is there anything I can do to help myself.
A: You don’t need to be a drinker to have liver problems……so, feel good about that. I have giant cysts and lesions in mine, and I don’t drink at all. Milk thistle is something you can buy over the counter, and it will help your liver to ‘renew’ itself. Luckily, for you and me……….the liver CAN make itself well, again. While your liver is bad, right now, stop all milk products in your diet. Take the milk thistle that any drug store usually has on sale, cheap. Don’t have milk products……….and see how your liver can actually get well, again. I understand how it feels to realize people think you have done something that you have not done. Still, let us get you well, and not waste our energy on being angry! Good luck with this! I’m doing the ‘fix the liver’ thing, too!
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