How do I become a vegetarian

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To become a vegetarian, tell your doctor. Be careful to include iron, calcium, protein, vitamin D, B12, zinc, and plan your diet! [ Source: ]
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・ 1 Just do it! Decide that you want to give up meat. It’s a decision that must come from within yourself… ・ 2 Go slow! You may be surprised at how little you have to change your grocery shopping or cooking habits… ・ 3 You don’t have to…
Okay. So you want to be a vegetarian? Starshine the experienced veggie has a guide for you. 1. Motives- One really important thing to think about is your motives. Do you want to be a vegetarian because it’s trendy or because a PETA vid…
・ Consider the reasons for becoming vegetarian. These might include moral or ethical reasons, religious… ・ Set guidelines. Where will you stop? Many vegetarians eat eggs, cheese, etc. NOTE: Eating fish, chicken… ・ Get some vegetarian…

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How hard is it to become vegetarian and commit?
Q: Hi, I’m 18 years old and I am a die hard carnivore. I need a lot of protein because I play basketball and I box. Lately, I have feelings of disgust towards meat and chicken and it looks and tastes unappealing to me. I honestly feel bad for the animals and my morality is kicking in. I would like to become vegetarian for a week and try it out. Do you have any tips in mind?
A: Get the Vegetarian Starter Kit from – Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine Athlete – Vegan Athletes Body Building & Fitness –
How can I tell my parents I want to become vegetarian?
Q: Okay, so I’ve tried becomming vegetarian a couple years ago, and when I told my parents there like “THIS ISN’T GOING TO LAST LONG.”however, before my purpose to become vegetarian is to lose weight , and I said “Okay, so i’ll start on December 10th.”, which isn’t good, because if I really wanted to be vegetarian I would have started then and there.Anyways, two years later I have decided it’s really cruel to animals! How can I tell my parents again that I want to go vegetarian! I am really afraid they won’t accept it.And, this time, I am going to wait a few weeks just to see if I really do want to do this, because I don’t want to tell my parents and not stick with it.
A: just tell them straight out. I remember when i told my parents i wanted to be a vegetarian . I just sat them in a room and told them and my reasons for wanting to become one. and maybe added some facts here and there. They agreed but only if i was going to do it in a healthy way.I even asked them to help me with buying soy products and all that jazz. After about a couple of moths they started to get used to me being a vegetarian and they even started eating some of my soy products!So, just tell them and if they truly care about your goals and views they will understand.
What is the best way to become Vegetarian?
Q: I want to become a vegetarian. I don’t know how to introduce it without giving my body a complete shock.
A: stop eating meat
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