How do I help someone with an eating disorder

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It’s important to communicate your concerns in a loving and non-confrontational way. Pick a time when you can speak in private. [ Source: ]
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・ 1 Find an appropriate time to talk to her. Follow her cues and let her tell you as much or as little… ・ 2 Respect him and do not criticize, pass judgment or give advice unless he asks for it. ・ 3 Listen with your heart and show her you …
I have an emotional eating disorder and the best thing anyone can do for me is listen to me complain about stuff so it doesn’t stress me out. If I get stressed I eat. I guess it depends on what type of eating disorder this person has. Answe…
Honestly, and this is coming from someone that had an eating disorder for YEARS – you can’t stop someone from doing something if they don’t want to stop. Don’t act unless you’re SURE she isn’t eating, but if you’re 100% that she’s hurting h…

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How do you find yourself after an eating disorder?
Q: I’m recovering from an eating disorder that’s been going on for nearly 2 years. I feel like there are three different people- who I was prior to the ED, who I was during… And who I am now. The problem is, I am not who I was before, or during the ED. I feel so lost, and like I don’t even know who I am. Does anyone have experience with this? Is this normal? Any advice would be really helpful.
A: from my experiences i suppose it is – i have been struggling for about 6/7 years at least and i feel like a complete stranger too, it is hard because you arent surrounded by the thoughts or behaviour when you are at grasps of it but not before – you know you are recovering but you still remember when you had it and can see it now which you couldnt before so it is hard, then again it isnt like you used to be before, you cant always get back to that and that is so hard but you have to recreate yourself in a sense, forget about old ways and dont look at old photos is a very strong thing you are doing and i admire how you are open about it and recovering, bare with it, it may not go away completely but it can get better and you can be someone new not who you were.lime x
How to tell someone you have an eating disorder?
Q: I have an eating disorder. I really really really want to tell someone but i don’t know who to tell. Im not telling my parents. I am 13 and in 8th grade. Who should i tell? Should i tell a teacher of the schools guidance consular? How should i tell them?
A: I had an eating disorder when i was in school, and like you i did not want to tell my parents so i told a teacher who i got on well with. Well done for wanting to get help, this is the first step so well done, good luck x
What help is available for someone who wants to be treated for an eating disorder without going to their GP?
Q: Is there any help available for someone suffering from an eating disorder without them going to their GP and having the disorder on their medical records?Basically being treated without it being on the medical records.
A: Try finding a support group, lots of hospitals have them, or a therapist or counselor which would be separate and not on your medical records.
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