How do I increase my iron count

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Eating foods high in iron such as red meat and dark green vegetables or taking a vitamin with iron may help increase iron levels. [ Source: ]
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I was deferred for low iron (hemoglobin) count. How can I increas…?
Eating a consistent iron-rich diet including foods such as red meat, dark green vegetables and dried fruits, will help increase iron levels. For more information view our flyer on hemoglobin.
How do i get my blood count up and increase my iron levels?
I lost a lot of blood after I had my twins so I’ve been through this route before. In addition to iron pills, I was told by the hospital dietician to eat red meats and green leafy vegetables. And when I eat them, to eat the with citrus frui…
What are the food contains iron to increase the hemoglobin blood …?
Most of the green leafy vegetable are rich with iron content.

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What can a renal patient take to increase blood count naturally?
Q: I know that I can get a shot but its becoming too much of a pain. Is there a natural supplement in addition to iron?
A: Not that I know of, procrit injections is the only way. Procrit has helped alot of people feel better. I would keep up with the shots.
How do you increase your hemoglobin levels when your red blood cell count is normal?
Q: I have the Thalassemia trait and unfortunately my hemoglobin is usually around 9.2 or 9.3. The doctor doesn’t see the point of giving me iron supplements because he says that I have enough red blood cells. I’m wondering if my fatigue and shortness of breath can be alleviated by increasing my hemoglobin. Has anyone ever dealt with this condition?
A: There are ways to get your hemoglobin count back up to normal before surgery, depending on the cause of your anemia. If you lack certain nutrients or vitamins, you may need to take supplements or a medication to increase your red blood cells.I have never had this but have seen it
Is taking B12 in big dosages helpful to increase red blood cell count?
Q: My red blood cell count fluctuates between 4.0 and 4.7… I know I dont have iron deficiency… Is taking 8000% of B12 daily value a good thing?
A: Toxcicity related to B12 is rare, but taking 8000% DRV of anything probably isn’t the best idea in the world. Blood cell counts normally fluctuate. If it ain’t broke, don’t try to fix it.
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