How do you know if you are in ketosis or not

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Tinny taste in mouth, weight loss and frequent trips to the bathroom are all signs of ketosis. [ Source: ]
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How do you know if you are in ketosis or not
Tinny taste in mouth, weight loss and frequent trips to the bathroom are all signs of ketosis.
Can I have ketosis or ketoacidosis and not know it?
You could have some degree of ketosis with few symptoms, but the accumulation of ketones triggers the symptoms so they would emerge as concentrations increase.

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How do you know if you’re in ketosis?
Q: I don’t know if I’m diabetic or not, but I do have blood sugar problems. I’ve heard that ketosis is a dangerous thing. A lot of times, I’ll not eat or something, and it really affects me. I’ll get spacey, irritated, and just feel so sick. Another thing is that my mouth tastes really weird, almost a sweet taste. That’s usually how I know I’m getting too sick. Anyone know anything about this. It’s been really bad since I’ve tried to go on a vegetarian diet.
A: People in ketosis frequently will have sweety, fruity smelling breath. I would not be surprised based on what you are describing if you were not having episodes of ketosis. A reliable way to be sure is to have your urine checked. The kidney can only absorb a certain percentage of circulating ketones before they “spill” over into the urine. Most medical supply stores and drug stores actually sell urine strips that will tell you, based on color, whether there are ketones in your urine.Ketosis is a very inefficient state and more concerning, its a low glucose state which depending on severity can be dangerous. Your brain needs glucose which is why people can seize if their glucose gets too low.I recommend seeing a nutritionist to see if he/she can give you guidance on how and what to eat so that you can keep your glucose levels more stable. Foods with a highly gylcemic index are quickly broken into simple sugars, raising glucose sharply but then dropping off quickly as well. It may be that something with more protein and fat, like a peanut butter sandwich would provide more consistent energy throughout the day.
Can Someone Tell Me If I Am in Ketosis?
Q: I’ve been lifting seriously for about 9 years now, mostly for football in high school and college, but now I’m a senior in college and weigh about 220 lbs. I would love to drop about 20 pounds by March and I’ve decided to switch my diet up and go with a Ketogenic diet. I’ve done a ton of research about it and feel that I know how to get into it, but I’m not sure if I am or not. I’ve been taking in about 2200 cal per day while doing olympic lifting (my favorite type) along with basic lifts such as bench/bicep/tricep/and ab work, and also at least 30 min of cardio per day (usually right after i work out I do 30-45 minutes of interval cardio on the elliptical: five minute warm up with 1 minute high resistance while trying to keep my pace, then 2 minutes of low resistance with a 2-3 minute cool down the last few minutes, then if time permits I go and do an additional 20-45 min in the evening between my 5th and 6th meals) I’ve been drinkin tons of water, as i usually do, and drastically cut back my consumption of diet soda (one of my addictions) to about 1 bottle or less a day. Earlier today I noticed my urine had an unusual smell that was fairly strong and from what I’ve read this is a sign of ketosis. I’ve been doing a low carb diet for about a week now (continuously fine-tuning it) for the past few days I’ve noticed that I get tired around 3-5 o clock, then again around bed time which usually doesn’t happen (at least getting tired at 3-5) I’ve not noticed a strange taste in my mouth or bad breath but I’ve not really paid much attention to either. I’m probably not doing the correct ratio of fats/proteins/carbs for a Keto diet in that it’s mostly been a 26% /66% /8% ratio but I’m still fine tuning it…and to be exact i take in approx 2200 cal 66g of fat 352g of protein and 44g of carbs each day. I drink probably about 5 scoops of whey protein (switch between Optimum Nutrition 100% gold standard and Gaspari Nutrition Myofusion: my two favorites), one scoop of Gaspari Nutrition Super Pump 250 (an NO product) 5 g of creatine and 5 g of L-Glutamine (following workouts to help with soreness).So all in all, based on the info provided, do you think I’m in Ketosis, and should I really be concerned with the excess protein ratio and lower fat ratio, because from my understanding it is probably better to have high intake of fat while getting into ketosis because your body actually switched to fat for it’s energy rather than carbs.Thanks for any help!Thanks for the advice. Like i said I have experimented with different diets for bulking but not so much with cutting. i am a pretty healthy person in general but my last couple of semesters have been very hectic in that I’m trying to finish out my undergrad and prepare for law school, so I did become a little lazy and ate foods i never would have touched back in the football olympic lifting days. I’m getting back into it now and the Ketogenic diet seemed like the best option for me but i do deviate from what the Atkin’s diet preaches. The fats i do eat are good fats, from fish, nuts, lean meats etc. But i do appreciate your opinion, and I’m the kind of person that if something catches my eye, I have to try it out (not drugs or anything like that haha) but thank you again!
A: You can purchase ketosis sticks at most local drug stores.Some other ways to tell, but unless you are an experienced dieter you may not have a reference point to start from:•Your breath may have a sour smell or taste.•You urinate quite a bit because the metabolism of fat requires water.•You lose your appetite frequently.•Some people feel very energized at times but can have sudden energy crashes.However, you must remember, your body CANNOT lose more than 2-3 pounds of lipose tissue (fat)/week. If you are losing more weight than this than you are for sure losing lean muscle tissue. We are built this way to protect ourselves from starvation.Don’t shoot the messenger or think I’m making this up. I studied biology and physiology. I was a competitive cyclist. I know just how the body burns calories and how many calories our liver and brown fat hold in glycogen. I know just how fast our body can convert fat into glucose. And I know why one gets the ‘bonk’ if they try to burn calories and ‘train’ at the same time.That’s why walking is the perfect exercise for anyone trying to lose weight. It burns calories at exactly the same rate that the body can convert fat into glucose–the only fuel our cells can use for energy.Do not eat so much protein you put your kidneys under too much strain. Eating so much protein you are taxing your kidneys is not the way to put yourself into ketosis or try and lose weight. Above all, drink lots of water.Ketosis is over-rated, in my opinion. It’s better to eat healthy and then keep the weight off. Diets which use ketosis as the ‘gimmick’ to help someone lose weight often end up being fad diets from what I have seen.The best diets are those which a person can stick to and which incorporate a good moderate exercise program…..both things which a person carry on with for a lifetime. That is what successful weight loss winners say. Just my .02. Also, a support group can be very very helpful. Best Luck in your journey.I hope this helps.
How do i know if im in starvation mode?can i find out overnight or over a couple of days?or does it take weeks
Q: i know i dont want my body to go into starvation mode. And ketosis is different from starvation mode. im worried that my body is going into starvation mode or is already there.but how do i know for sure?how long does it take to figure out if you’re in starvation mode or not?
A: you’ll get quite bad stomach cramps
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