How do you pronounce Acai

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An açaí palm, (pronounced ah-sah-ee) is one of several species of palm tree cultivated for their fruit & superior hearts of palm. [ Source: ]
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It is pronounced aa-sigh-ee. I think you should search it on “” and if it comes up press the button in which you can hear the pronounciation
・ 1 There are a number of ways to pronounce acai. The first way is to say ah-sigh-eee with accent on the… ・ 2 Aside from learning how to pronounce it, it is also a good idea to learn about the benefits of acai… ・ 3 Acai berries which as…
I’m pretty sure it’s “ah sah ee”, but people probably pronounce it both ways.

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How do you pronounce “acai,” as in “acai berry”?
A: Ah-SIGHI even have a handy little website to prove it.
how to pronounce acai berry?
Q: how to pronounce acai
A: Acai =Either pronounced ah-sigh-ee or uh-SAW-ee berries………..I don’t have the International Phonetic Alphabet on this keyboard, so that’s as close as I can come to a pronunciation guide…..Enjoy!!!Christopher
how do you pronounce ACAI?
Q: on some websites they pronounce ita-sigh-eebut i have also heard it as a-kiwhat is teh correct pronunciation
A: I’m pretty sure it’s “ah sah ee”, but people probably pronounce it both ways.
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