How do you weigh less

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Diet and exercise will help you weigh less.Exercise is an important weight loss tool.The ACSM’s weight loss guidelines suggest at least 250 minutes of exercise per week, which comes out to about 50 minutes, 5 days a week. [ Source: ]
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How to Weigh Less
One pound of fat is about 3,500 calories. If you want to lose one pound per week you should consume 500 calories less every day. You can do it by combining the right diet with exercise. For example, if you drink soft drinks, replace them by…
Why do i weigh less in the morning?
People tend to weigh less in the morning because they have not eaten or drank anything yet. This is the time to get your most accurate weight.
Does ice weigh less than water?
Ice and Water The phrasing of the question reveals a basic misunderstanding of the term “weight.” Here is a famous trick question: Which weighs more, a pound of lead or a pound of feathers? Many people who answer quickly without …

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How many people after pregnancy weigh LESS than they did before getting pregnant?
Q: This is my first pregnancy and I’m just wondering how many people weigh less after they give birth and have kept a slimmer figure than what they started with? I see a lot of people that it’s happened to, and some who have gone the opposite. How did you do this? Did it come naturally with all the occupation with the new child, not eating as frequently, making more time for nutrition and exercise? Breastfeeding? Any input would be great, thanks!
A: I have not given birth yet. But will more than likely weigh less after birth than before getting pregnant. I have lost 17lbs during my pregnancy, it just happened, i did nothing more or less than before pregnancy. I have 12 weeks left and trying now, not to gain in the last trimester.
Why Do Ashes From Burned Wood Weigh Less Than The Wood?
Q: If you burn a log of wood that weighs 1 kilogram, why do you end up with ashes that weigh much less? Explain and show how you found your answer.
A: Carbon from the wood has combined with oxygen from the air and turned from the solid wood into the gas carbon dioxide (and carbon monoxide). Plus, other volatile compounds in the wood, plus water, have also been vaporized and are now floating around in the atmosphere instead of being bound in the wood.
How do you put on wieght when i eat heaps and still weigh less than 45kg?
Q: I’m 19 weight 44 kg highest i’m 162cm (5’3″) I eat anything and everything minus a couple of green vegies. I only walk a couple times a week and thats because i havent gone for my license yet. I think it has to do with my metabolism but how do i slow it down to put on weight. I feel too skinny and wish to be even a size 6 or 8. It probably sounds ridiculous but being skinny isnt much fun. I want to put 10 kilo’s on, just so i can wear clothes and look good without people assuming i’m anorexic just because clothes are huge on me.
A: If you keep eating periodically, you’re stoking the fuel to the fire, so to speak and revving up your metabolism more. If you want to gain weight, you’ll have to slow down your metabolism by eating a few meals and by having longer periods of time in between these meals. That way, your body will go into “survival mode” and store up more fat because it doesn’t know when the next meal is coming. Of course, the types of food you eat play an important part.
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