How does a stomach growl

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Waves of muscle contractions move and push the contents continually downward in a process called peristalsis. In addition to,more [ Source: ]
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Why does your stomach growl?
Uh… When you have an empty digestive system, maybe it’s like burping in your stomach but not up to your mouth or throaght. Maybe it’s burping because you know how you burp and it kinda makes more room for food? Well maybe that’s what i…
Why does my stomach growl?
Why does my stomach growl? The human body is an amazing machine, and every once in a while it will do something to remind you that it’s working hard to keep you alive and well. The stomach growl is one of these reminders. Loud, soft and so…
What makes your stomach growl?
I think you have stomach problems! I have never met someone who poops as much as you!

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Why does my stomach growl when I just ate 5 minuets ago?
Q: So, i’m a girl and I have no problems with food. Everyday in school, my stomach starts to growl whenever i’m really bored. But, I just ate 5 minuets ago and I don’t feel like I want to eat but my stomach tells me to eat. My stomach growls loudly and people start to stare at me.Why does this happen?My friend thinks it’s a sign for my period coming soon…How can i make my stomach to stop?
A: Your eating way too fast if this is happening…Slow it down by about twice the time and then see the difference…
What happens when my stomach growls (when I’m in school) for not eating for a few hours? Why does it growl?
Q: Like at school theres a little over 4 hours of not eating and then when its been around 3 hours of no food, my stomach totally growls and feels weird. Why does this happen? What goes on in my stomach when it growls?
A: Our stomach growling is a sign that there is no more food in your stomach for your body to digest which means your stomach is empty so to prevent this eat a bigger breakfast or bring a snack like a granola bar to eat when you get hungry
Why does my stomach always growl in the morning, even if I’ve eaten already?
Q: I wake up at 530am for school and every morning at about 7-8 and sometimes later in the morning my stomach growls. It’s really annoying and I dont know how to stop it. I dont USUALLY it in the morning but even the days that i do eat, it still does that. Its not gas or hunger, so what else could it be?
A: Stomachs make noises when hungry, when digesting foods, or even just when they’ve grown accustomed to having food even if they aren’t hungry. You shouldn’t be going more than a few hours at a time without a small stack or meal though, so if you are trying to go long stretches, slip in a little snack. It should help.
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