How does the diet supplement "Lipo 6 Black" work

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Lipo-6 Black consists of a combination of pure pharmaceutical-strength ingredients along with the most potent, herbal compounds that have been proven to assist with weight loss. Thanks for doing the ChaCha! [ Source: ]
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Is Chitosan, the diet supplement, safe
Chitosan blocks the absorption of dietary fat. It is relatively safe, but unlikely to cause weight loss. It can cause constipation, bloating and other gastrointestinal complaints. The long-term effects are unknown.
What is a dietary supplement?
A dietary supplement is a vitamin or mineral generally taken in pill form that helps supplement the daily supply of that vitamin or mineral that might be lacking in ones diet. Many people take vitamin C supplements in pill form.
What are dietary supplements?
A dietary supplement provides nutrients that are missing from a persons diet. They may include vitamins, minerals, fiber and fatty acids. They can be found in many forms such as tablets, capsules, liquids and powders.

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Does the AcaiPure diet supplement work?
Q: I just got it and I was wondering if it worked? How good are the results?
A: look under diet and fitness section and find the spammer who recommends it to everyone for every situation. He should know.
has anyone taken the diet supplement Hydroxycut?
Q: when taking the supplement hydroxycut is there a limit to how much you can exercise or does it even matter?
A: there is no limit to excercises, the more the better. i know because i used to be on it
Is Lipozene a good diet supplement?
Q: I’ve seen TONS of infomercials about it, but I wanted some feedback from people who’ve actually used it. Was your diet plan successful? How dramatic were the results? What kinds of lifestyle changes did you have to make? And overall, is this product worth buying? THANKS!!
A: YEAH, I wanna know too.
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