How does the special K challenge work And does it really work

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1. Start your day with any variety of Special K cereal with 2/3 cup of skim milk plus fruit. 2. Replace another meal with… MORE? [ Source: ]
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Does the Special K challenge really work?
the special k diet can work because its fewer calories then most meals.. but i wouldnt recommend it. Having just carbs every meal wont make you lose the weight as fast as you could. Each meal you eat should be balanced with carbs proteins a…
The Special K Diet Challenge: Does This Diet Plan Really Work??
You can also toggle between the Week One and Week Two menu plan s. You can easily email or print your plan or send it to a friend, if you so desire. You’re also given the option of printing a coupon for Special K2O Protein Water. You also g…

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does the special k challenge really work?
Q: im not fat, but not skinny either. according to my bmi im 15 pounds overweight but my dr. says its fine as im an athlete and im pretty tall and most of that is muscle. but i wanted to try the special k challenge thing and im wondering if it really works. i do play a sport. badminton and i run about 2 miles every teusday and thursday and i go for a 3 mile bike ride everyday with my dogs.
A: as the previous answers have had nothing to do with the Special K Challenge(why are they even here?) yes, it does work. My neighbor Sam was getting a little obese, and she was very upset. I suggested, and in 5 month’s she was skinnier than a branch(She’s going to read it so I must be nice.) Although, if there are others reading this that are very obese, you will have a little excess skin that you can get rid of using chinese methods for self tummy tucking.
Does the Special K Challenge actually work?
Q: I am a 14 year old girl, slightly overweight. I was wondering if using the Special K Challenge would be a good way to lose weight and if it would actually work for someone like me.
A: Yes, except you should only eat one bowl of Special K, not two. You aren’t getting enough variety by eating cereal for two meals. Instead, try finding other foods that are around the same amount of calories as Special K.
How does the Special K challenge work?
Q: i know the details on the you only eat the low calorie special k challenge stuff, but my question is that do you need to do anything other than eat that stuff? Like excerxise ad stuff…i have such a busy schedule that I dont really have time to like excerxise and stuff… would the challenge work for me?? Is it worth it??Thank You so Much In advance….
A: nope, special K just has few enough calories in it that if you replace 2 meals a day with it you should just lose weight. but you will probably be hungry because you are probably used to eating more calories at those meals than the two hundred you get with a bowl of special K and milk.
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