How is fish oil good for your health

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The health benefits of fish oil include ability to aid in heart diseases, high cholesterol, weight loss, depression and anxiety. [ Source: ]
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Is Fish Oil Good For Our Health?
With all the reports in the press and even the government recommending a daily supplement, is fish oil good for our health or is this another supplement that does not live up to its promises? Well the good news is that this one actually ov…
How to Use Omega-3 Fish Oil for Better Health
A shortage of Omega 3 in the diet can cause lead to nutrient deficiency and cause us to become ill. Omega 3 also regulates inflammation, pain,heart function and blood clotting to name a few. You…
Is Fish Oil Good For Health? What’s the Truth?
Don’t be surprised by the question. It is common knowledge now what is fish oil good for, exactly. Cancer prevention, heart disease prevention, better eye sight, better mobility in the joints, brain development – you name it. It seems there…

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How good is fish oil (omega-3) for you? How much should I have?
Q: What are the health benefits of taking a fish oil supplement (i.e. fish omega-3s)?Is this a supplement I should take? How much (in mg) per day is recommended?Is it good for the heart? In what ways?I know fresh fish would be best, but I’m allergic.***Please use good references. I’m not interested in your personal opinions. I want facts that come from scientific sources, not late night TV infomercials.***Thanks.ANagah,
A: Fish oil and omega 3 fats in general are very beneficial. The average diet contains too much omega 6 fats, saturated fats, and trans fats. Trans fats are the worst these are usually the hydrogenated or partially hydrogenated fats listed on food labels. Omega 6 fats are needed only in very small amounts. Omega 6 fats promote inflamation,and raise cholesterol and triglycerides.Omega 3 fats:Anti inflamatoryhelp prevent blood clotsRaise HDL, lower LDLbenefits arthritismay lower blood pressure If you are allergic to fish , I would use FLAX SEED OIL oil instead.It has generally the same benefits,but you have to take a little more.Fish oil….1 to 3 grams /day (1000-3000 mg) with a large meal or divide dose with 1 cap at each mealFlax seed oil …..3 to 6 grams divided doses with each meal. as above. look for cold pressed,or cold processed wording on label Walmart product is OK and cheaper than health food stores. Check expiration dates .Try to avoid fried foods and ordinary fats also as much as possible.
Fish oil for heart health?
Q: I have a lonnggg family history of heart disease and heart attacks at a young age (My dad had one a week before his 43rd birthday). I know fish oil is good for heart health. My question is.. is it too early for me to start taking fish oil? I am 23. I fear CHF and heart disease. Also how often should I take it or is there something better i could take.I take multivitamins and eat fairly healthy. I just know that you could never do enough to keep your heart healthy!Thanks!
A: Never too early to get your diet into shape. The average diet has a ratio of omega 3 to omega 6 of 1 to 30. The ideal is 1 to 1 or 1 to 2. So you see that fish oil is to combat the screwy notion that saturated fat is bad and poly unsaturated fat is good. I like cod liver oil. I bet that what you think is a healthy diet, isn’t. Please don’t stick your head in the sand. Pharmacist who’s life was almost ruined by LipitorI have to agree, Isa has no idea what she is talking about.
What lifestyle changes have you made that have improved your health (mental and physical)?
Q: I’m interested in the changes that people have made that make them feel good. Some that I’ve made are:- I take 1000 mg. of fish oil daily. I think my circulation has improved, and my mood.- I’ve cut out dairy from my diet, and gluten products for the most part. Cutting out the wheat, I lost 18 pounds in two weeks.- I started exercising three times a week. I have more energy overall.- I do yoga. It helps me focus and relax.- I take 5-HTP supplements. This is the precursor to seratonin, of which is linked to depression. It relaxes me and boosts my mood.- I keep a diary of how I feel every day. It helps me track what works and what doesn’t.
A: The biggest for me:-exercise on a regular basis-making sure I drink water-switched from coffee to tea-I was already a vegetarian, but I recently cut dairy and eggs out of my diet and feel great, especially after cutting out dairy
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