How is processed sugar made

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Sugar is made from both sugar cane and sugar beets, they are heated and calcium hydroxide (lime) is added. [ Source: ]
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What is sugar made out off and the process of it?
sugar is made from sugar cane. a long bamboo looking plant that has fiberous strings within the bamboo casing. It’s cut from the field and hauled to the sugar cane factory where the machine pulls the casing off and the fiberous insides are …
Is It Possible To Make Bread With Fruit Juice Instead Of Processe…?
I heard that processed sugar is no good for the body. So, I’m wondering if the processed sugar will disappear after fermentation. (Of course, a little of sugar won’t hurt, but is it just as good a taste if it were made from fruit sugar?)
What is the cel process that uses inorganic compounds to make sug…?
Photosynthesis is correct. The leaves of green plants (specifically chlorofyll-which is the cell) with the energy of sunlight converts CO2 (inorganic) to sugar (organic) At least I think sugar (or carbohydrates-same thing) is organic

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How is sugar made?
Q: I had a controversial discussion with someone about SUGAR. How is it made? Does the process of raw sugar tranforms it into crystalized grains? How does it naturally looks like? Is it a sap form the sugar cane or it is a solid? Is it even natural or we the “people” make it? Why is it bleached white except for the fact that it looks prettier than brown sugar and it makes more money being white? It sounds racial….I don’t like it. But either way, what is sugar? I know it comes form beets and sugar cane but how does it naturally looks like, in what form?
A: Sugar is made from the juice of sugar cane (and sugar beets). The juice looks a light yellow, probably due to the pulp.But the process is essentially a boiling off of the juice.1. Extract the juice from the cane.2. Boil the juice until the solution is supersaturated and the sugar crystals start forming. The crystals at this point are a light brown in color – Not to be confused with brown sugar which is white sugar sprayed with molasses.3. The “raw” sugar is next dissolved and put through a “bleaching” process to whiten the sugar – filtration, acids and carbonination.
How sugar is made? or How sugarcane can be changed into white sugar?
Q: I would like to know how sugarcane or sugarbeets can be converted into crystal white sugar? I would like to be familiar with the whole process in full details..Thanks
What is sugar made of?
Q: Please do not put sugar cane, or this factory because this is not what i am asking. I am asking for the scientific meaning of sugar. I am asking this because I need to know how sugar can affect the rusting process. I already know about salt, but sadly sugar is very hard to find. If you do find something about sugar, you are a life saver! Thanks so much!
A: Sugar is a carbohydrate. Plenty of Carbon, Hydrogen and Oxygen molecules.sugar is sucrose, a molecule composed of 12 atoms of carbon, 22 atoms of hydrogen, and 11 atoms of oxygen (C12H22O11)All the atoms in the molecule are pretty happy with filled outer electron shells. When iron rusts, it is because the FE iron lacks electrons in its outer shell, and takes them from Oxygen molecules in the damp air. See this site: WET sugar was placed on iron, then the oxygen needed for RUST would come from wet air! not wet sugar.So , I have no fear of sugar on my car…except it draws ants.
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