How long can I survive without food

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A person can survive without food for several weeks but you cannot survive without water. ChaCha on. [ Source: ]
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How long can you survive without food?
About 2 -3 weeks with no food 3-8 days with no food or water
Can A Baby Turtle Survive A Long Time Outside The Tank Without Fo…?
No, they can’t live for too long without food or water, just like any other living thing, it needs water at the very least, and turtles especially need food to live. Hope this helps, good luck to you.
How long can a person survive without food?
Most other reports of long-term survival of total starvation, however, have been poorly substantiated. [ Editor’s Note: Reports of the 1981 hunger strike by political prisoners against the British presence in Northeast Ireland indicate that…

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How long can a gerbil survive without food?
Q: Does anyone have any idea how long a healthy adult gerbil will survive without food? I know they are desert animals and can survive fairly long without water but what about food? Just curious.Rest assured, I am not planning on starving a gerbil. We just studied desert animals in school and discussed how long desert rodents (like the gerbil) can go in the wild without water. I was just curious, if they can also survive longer without food? As opposed to other animals…Besides, gerbils are illegal in California (not sure why as you can readily buy any other rodent). Not to mention, I had a couple of these cuties as a child and could never, ever hurt them.
A: talk to a vet about the best feeding pattern for your pets. Do not disallow them food for a day or more at a time – this is animal cruelty.
How long can bedbugs survive without food?
Q: I got some furnature from a storage unit auction and I want to make sure it doesn’t have any bugs in it. Its been in there for a year or so. Can bedbugs survive that long without blood?
A: yes they hibernate can live for years
How long will a hamster survive without food?
Q: Our dwarf hamster (~ 6 mos old) suddenly died yesterday though she was seemingly in good health. We noticed the food dish was empty though there was plenty of water. We last filled the food dish two days earlier, so it’s possible that the hamster may have gone a day or so without food. Would this be long enough to cause death ? Earlier in the day she was acting strange, nibbling and biting when being handled which she never did before. – We hate to think that we lost her due to our oversight.
A: A day without food shouldn’t have killed her, but hamsters like all rodents have very high metabolisms and must eat frequently. It may have contributed to another problem she was already having, rodents can have a lot of internal problems that never show up until it’s too late. If you are concerned you could get your veterinarian to perform a necropsy and see if he could tell why she died (he can sew her back up so you can still take her home to bury her).
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