How long does it take to go past gaining weight to be skinnier if you stop eating

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You will lose very little weight by starving yourself. Not eating will make your metabolism slow down which will hinder weight loss. After your fasting period, you are likely to gain any weight you may have lost back. [ Source: ]
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How long does it take to go past gaining weight to be skinnier if…?
You will lose very little weight by starving yourself. Not eating will make your metabolism slow down which will hinder weight loss. After your fasting period, you are likely to gain any weight you may have lost back.

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Weight and eating issues?
Q: Hi, how is everyone? I asked a question on here regarding my eating patterns a couple of months ago, and everyone was really nice and helpful, so I’m hoping for a similar response. I don’t know quite where to begin. I am a 19 year old girl, soon to be 20 in less than 2 weeks. I am 5’4″ and currently weigh around 78 pounds. I have always been skinny. Not that I have ever thought so, but that is what I have always heard my whole life. Throughout my teen years, I weighed somewhere in the 90’s. 100 pounds was my maximum weight ever. This past summer, I started really watching what I ate and running maybe a half of a mile and exercising everyday. I lived away at college all last year and this past semester, but this last semester, I let my eating get out of control. I was barely eating. I would eat dry cereal for breakfast, a piece of fruit for lunch, sometimes another piece of fruit for a snack, and then dry cereal, a Nutrigrain bar, or another low calorie snack for dinner. I did that all semester, giving myself one or two days a week when I would eat a lot, mostly junk food. However, now I am transferring to a different college and am living at home. I have been home for over a month, and I have not really gained or lost any more weight. It has stayed around 76-78 pounds, but I hate the new eating pattern I have developed. I eat around 500-700 calories, if even, for a couple of days, but then every other day or every few days, I have a day when I just really pig out. I eat SO much. It’s as if once I start eating, I cannot stop. I feel like I lose control, and I just feel so disgusted with myself afterwards. I have always been a small eater, but now I feel like a pig and that if I keep this up, I am going to get fat. I am so afraid of getting fat, even though I haven’t been putting on any weight. I know I may have been suffering with anorexia these past months. I’m not too sure, but all I can ever think about is food and what it is going to do to me. I have read other places online where people who were anorexic started eating normally again just kept gaining weight and couldn’t stop. I have never been one to gain a lot of weight, so does anyone think that if I develop a normal eating pattern, with not eating much like I did my whole life, and while exercising, I would be okay and still remain skinny? I just please need some advice on that and some help with how to stop this overeating? I always tell myself that I am not going to have another day when I eat so much, but I can’t stop break the cycle. Can anyone please help me with that as well? I am sorry this is so long. I just don’t know where else to go for advice because my mom is already worried about my low weight and eating, and I really don’t want her to be upset and worried, Thank you very much for taking the time to read this and hopefully responding. Take care.
A: Sometimes I go through periods where I hardly eat anything and then other times where I pig out. And I do not have an eating disorder. I however, do have poor eating habits. Something that can be easily changed with a little effort. FIRST THINGS FIRST. You are 5’4 and 78 lbs. which means you are teeny tiny. Therefore, you have about 40 lbs to spare before you have to even begin worrying about your weight. So continue to eat healthily. You may want to talk to someone because the fact that you are so small and are even worrying about getting fat is a little troublesome. In high school I was VERY small around 100 lbs and all I wanted to do was gain weight. Start a food journal and write down everything you eat that day. Height: 5 feet, 4 inchesWeight: 78 pounds”Your BMI is 13.4, indicating your weight is in the underweight category for adults of your height. Talk with your healthcare provider to determine possible causes of underweight and if you need to gain weight.”You want to get a BMI of at least 18.5 so somewhere around 110 is healthy for your height, granted some people are just naturally thin so I would suggest you work on gaining weight. GOOD LUCK AND EAT UP 🙂
Question about Adderall, weight, metabolism and health?
Q: I’m a 17 year-old male. I have been prescribed adderall XR since i was in 6th grade. I am now (supposed) to be a senior next year, but i got out of high school early. Since i got out of high school, i have for the most part been off of adderall (stopped really taking it in about january) since i only used it for academic purposes. however since i was on it for that long and i constantly did not eat while i was on it, (not on purpose of course) whenever i came off of it, my eating habits picked up and i began eating a lot. not too much more than the average person, just a lot more than what i was used now, after all of that, i gained about 20 pounds going from 135 lbs and being 5’6 to about 155 lbs and being 5’8. the weight i gained came so fast that i quickly developed pretty large stretch marks on my inner thighs, and went from thinking i was pretty damn skinny one day to looking in a mirror and feeling quite overweight.after all of this weight gain and being so insecure, i turned back to the thing that helped me stay so skinny — adderall, since i still have a prescription to it. for the past two months probably, i have been using adderall to help try to get my weight back down. i have also become quite aware of what i’m eating and have almost completely become vegetarian with the exception of sushi and whatnot, and occasionally cold turkey slices on sandwhiches (when i do eat).as of right now, i weigh 136 pounds — so i have basically got back down to my normal weight since i’ve been off adderall. i would normally be happy with this, but my problem is.. i almost cannot tell a difference between my body when it weighed 155 lbs and now, even though i have lost all of that weight and now weigh what i used to when i was very, very skinny. due to this, it’s making me want to keep abusing my adderall like this until my body looks the same. i haven’t eaten a single bite of food in 48 hours (and still don’t feel a need for it) and i have been up for SEVERAL days, with 1-3 hour naps in between. i know all of this is unhealthy for my body, but i am so image-conscious that i feel like i’m not healthy at all until i’m back to what i used to look like. so…… why does it appear that i haven’t lost any weight when the scales say i’ve lost about 20 pounds? what’s the fastest way to lose extra weight like this if i don’t want to focus on muscle growth? how long can my body handle me not eating without effecting my long-term health or mental health? and once my body looks like it used to, how do i speed up my metabolism enough to where i don’t need to rely on adderall at all anymore?thank you in advance for anyone who bothers responding, answering any of my questions or reading all of this. 🙂
A: Have you talked to your doctor about this. You should
someone help me i feel like a prisoner…?
Q: I think I have an eating disorder. No, I know I do. it has been going on for so long now and I don’t know how to make it stop….I was always extremely thin, and I actually wanted to gain weight, up until I was about 17 years old when I started filling out (but I was still clinically underweight). I was a flyer on cheer and I wanted to stay the skinniest girl on the squad. I would constantly compare myself to my teammates when we practiced in front of the mirror, restrict my eating even when I felt hungry, and obsess over what i did eat. Once I was almost 18, I filled out more, but I was still on the very low end of healthy weight. When I moved away and came back having gained 7 pounds total, my dad saw me and told me I looked “puffy,” constantly made comments about everything I ate, saying things like, “don’t eat that cookie; you don’t need those extra calories,” saying that my old ski boots don’t fit because I gained weight, and randomly bringing up the fact that I weight more than my mom, who is two inches shorter than me. I cannot describe to you how horrible it felt, it felt like a knife to the heart, I wanted to kill myself because I felt so hideous and worthless, and it was then that my real food obsession began. I know it sounds so stupid that I let comments like that affect me, but 1) I am VERY self-conscious and overly-analytical, and 2) I care very much, for whatever reason, about what my dad thinks of me. It was then that I started to HATE my body. I stared at myself in the mirror and cried over my fat, weighed myself at least 10 or 20 times a day, thought about every calorie, felt immense guilt after each meal, … I couldn’t eat in front of my dad without feeling like he is judging what/how much I ate. It forced me to eat in secret a lot. I would constantly try and hide from him the fact that I was eating, TERRIFIED that he would make an embarrassing comment. The next semester, my self-loathing worsened. I became OBSESSED with food, attempting to restrict my eating on some days to de minimus amounts, and when I couldn’t take the physical pain of hunger anymore, I would binge, feel horrible guilt, and starve myself again. I stopped eating because I was hungry, I ate because it was like a drug that temporarily made me feel happy, and afterwards made me feel like hell. I HATED that I wanted to eat, and this vicious cycle made me gain weight. I came back after that semester, my dad’s comments worsened, and I was SO EMBARASSED of my body. Shortly thereafter, I went 5 days without eating and lost 10 pounds in the beginning of the summer. This is when it all really began. After that, I OBSESSED over every calorie, eating no more than 1000 a day. I starved myself some days more than others. I tried diet pills. I went to the gym for 2 or more hours a day. I exercised so hard that I disrupted my uterus and had abnormal vaginal bleeding. I drank 3X the recommended dose of laxatives when I felt guilty, which was often. I tried to make myself throw up. I dropped almost 30 pounds this past summer, and you think I would be happy. Even when I dropped in weight significantly, I remember an instance in which I tried a bite of my brother’s pie when we were on vacation, and as I put the bite into my mouth, my dad shouted, “75 calories,” as if he wanted me to feel guilty for eating. I hadn’t eaten breakfast or lunch that day. Was I still not thin enough? I then went into the bathroom of the restaurant, cried hysterically, and made myself throw up. The next day I didn’t eat at all. Another thing is that my parents both kept congratulating me on my weight loss, and instead of making me feel good, for some reason it made me SO ANGRY. Am I less attractive when I am at a healthy weight? Was I ugly to them before? Why would they f**king congratulate me for going through physical and mental f**king torture? AND I still didn’t feel thin enough. I HATE my body no matter what I do. It never used to be like this. I am 19 now, and I feel like my preoccupation with my body is so juvenile, but I cannot help but over-analyze everything when it comes to food and weight and how my body looks and how my friend’s bodies look compared to mine and what my father says. I still attempt to hide my body from my father and wear clthes that I feel make me look slimmer and suck in my stomach whenever he is looking at me. He says he wants me to be at my “ideal” weight, whatever that means. I was never overweight. I still starve myself and I still purge and I still HATE MYSELF. I cannot take this anymore. I honestly feel like a prisoner, and the worst part is NO ONE knows what I am going through this and NO ONE, ESPECIALLY MY PARENTS care. Recently, I started developing physical problems, like bloody diarrhea, and nausea, vomiting—I was even hospitalized. And I CAN’T F**KING take it anymore. Please help me and tell me what to do because I cannot take this pain anymore. DO YOU THINK I HAVE AN EATING DISORDER? I don’t think that I’ll ever feelcontent with my body again, unless I lose a significant amount of weight. I just miss being happy.SOMEONE PLEASE!
A: Im not really sure how to answer this question but I will try.I too have suffered random eating disorders. I use to hoard food when i was little. I got very upset when I thought that others got more food then me. I have been trying to fix my Bulimia also, because i am Trying to conceive. I binged so much and then i starved myself when i couldnt starve myself i binged and then i purged. The way you describe yourself it seems like you have EDNOS or a Eating disorder not otherwise subscribed. it seems you are liek me but i dont do the excercise part. i am constantly comparing myself to my prefect size 0 friend. I do not think that your parents are helping. are they health freaks, or body builder, athletic junkies? I would first get a counselor, who then can help you until you are ready to talk to your dad about his comments. im not sure how his temper or personality is but if i was you whenever he says 75 calories or crap liek that i would jus tlook at him straight in the eye say ”so?” and take a bite. you are in control of waht make syou happy. dont try to make him happy. if you dont talk to him about it and get better you will be slowly killing yourself.
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