How many calories are in a fruit & yogurt parfait

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There are 160 calories 2.5 grams of fat in a fruit & yogurt parfait.this desert is very high in sugar.But a good choice when on the go. Thanks and ChaCha. [ Source: ]
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There are so many fruit and the calorie count varies. The calories of fruit can range anywhere from 30 calories to about 320 calories. A grape has the least amount of calories, one grape has about 3 calories.
Calories in fruits That would vary greatly depending on which fruit you were inquiring about. Not all fruits are equal in terms of the calorie content. Some fruits are much higher in calories than others are. For example, one average size a…
It all depends on what fruit it is! The kiwi is 49kcal for 100 grams, strawberries are 29kcal per 100g, and melons are 24kcal. Use the link in the source to work it out yourself.

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A: here ya go…
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