How many calories are in a hotdog

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About 120 calories her link but it of course, varies by brand. Hot Dogs are high in fat and sodium [ Source: ]
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How many calories in a hotdog
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How many calories does a hotdog bun have in?
80 – 120 Here’s a great site for info.. put it in your favorites..
How many calories in one hotdog bun?
it depends on its weight but normally the small one have 500 calorie NOT AT ALL 500 cal. The average hot dog has 100 calories, the bun has about 180 to 200 calories. So a hotdog in bun without fixings is about 300 calories. With chili add 1…

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How many calories/fat are in a beef ballpark hotdog.?
Q: Just ate 2 plain hotdogs and was wondering how many calories I just consumed. I know it’s stupid but I want to know. Thanks!
A: You can look up the calories in pretty much anything at It says they are 137 each. A bun would be 84. Hope that helps.
How many calories in Chicago Style Hotdog?
Q: I’m talkin about the works, with everything. Onion, Sweet pepper, poppy seed bun, relish, vienna beef, pickle, tomato, cucumber powder….been eating them for years…just wondering how many calories in one.
A: I am a former chef and when in Chicago, I always have one run through the garden myself, but were are the sport peppers and mustard??The weiner and bun are the most caloric, garnishes are minimum, especially fresh one like onions and tomatos, relish (the neon type), pickle next it has salt, so I would imagine if you look at what a Big Mac or Whoppers equivelents, it is most likely the most healthy of the 3, I would imagine with the fixin’s it would round out about 600-700 calories.
Am I the only person that enjoys drinking hotdog water? How many calories are in it?
Q: I find the taste quite exotic. My wife says its disgusting, but I think she’s crazy. I am a bit concerned about my caloric intake though. And I’m pretty sure the sodium levels are sky high. But hey, I enjoy it, and you only live once.Do you enjoy a nice cold glass of hotdog water once in awhile?
A: gross
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