How many calories are in a large eggs egg white

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There are 74 calories in one large egg, and 17 calories in the white of one large egg. ChaCha! [ Source: ]
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How many calories are in an extra large egg white?
I thought I heard somewhere that all the protein was in the white. My large eggs are 7g/egg. So that would be ~28cals per egg white.
How many calories are in one extra large egg white?
Info directly from site below… You may be throwing away the yolks to cut calories and reduce cholesterol, which is fine but did you know that most of an egg’s nutrients are found in the yolk? Take a look at the comparison below to see …
Can i substitute medium egg whites for large ones?
Yes, I would just add an extra egg white! There’s not that big of a difference between medium and large eggs.

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How many calories in egg whites?
Q: I just hard boiled 6 eggs, but only ate the eggs whites. They were extra large eggs. How many calories did I eat?
A: Based on one large egg: Egg White – 17 caloriesso you ate 102 calories
How many calories are in an egg white?
Q: Every site I go to I get a different answer, its for a large egg white.
A: 16 I calorie count and that’s how many calories its say for one large egg white.
Was my breakfast healthy? how many calories were in it? eggs….?
Q: breakfast1 large egg. 70 calories1 large egg but i only had the egg white out of the second egg. ?(I dont no how many calories are in a large egg without the yolk.)2 tablespoons of milk in the egg. 14 caloriesand i but pam in the pan.
A: 1 large egg is 70 cals+ 1 Large egg white which is 35 cals+ 14 cals=114 cals. and really high in protienThis is a great breakfast.what I usually do is use 3 egg whites =105 cals + salsa or other veggies (30 cals)= and I have a 135 cal breakfast which is high in protien and Fiber and will give you energy through out the day. Very good for you. I hope this helps =)
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