How many calories are in a planters trail mix

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There are 120 calories in one ounce of Planters Fruit & Nut Trail Mix. Thanks for doing the ChaCha! [ Source: ]
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“Are there coupons on the planters berry almond trail mix”?
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Where in West Brtadenton did anyone see or buy Planters Berry Nut…?
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Is Planters Trail Mix Fruit and Nut good for you?
Q: serving size 3 tbsp. serving per container about 6Calories per serving 140 calories from fat 80Total Fat 9gSat fat 2.5gtrans fat 0gPolyunsaturated fat 2gmonounsaturated fat 3.5gcholesterol 0mgsodium 15mgpotassium 190mgtotal carbs 13gdietary fiber 2gsuger 10gprotein 10g
A: You’d be better off making your own trail mix, thats a lot of saturated fats and sodium. Try making one with cranberries walnuts, soy nuts, unsalted almonds etc. Make sure you get the unsalted, which are a lot healthier for you and cranberries are a full of antioxidants. Have fun mixing to your delight, i find this to be the best since you cut out a lot of salt, simple sugars, and those icky preservatives.
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