How many calories are in chicken strips

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2 chicken strips 280 calories, 13 g fat, 0 g fiber, 21 g carbs. Keep those questions coming to ChaCha! [ Source: ]
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How many calories are in chicken?
Roasted chicken, with skin has 175 calories. If you ever have more questions about calorie content, go to very useful website for calorie counting.
How many calories are in chicken wings? is a great place to find this stuff out! they have everything, just search it on the site! and if you are counting calories, just get a free membership! They make it easy to count calories that you are eating and burning…
Which state is famous for red chicken?
Rhode Island, hence the name Rhode Island Red.

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How many calories in chicken strips?
Q: I don’t know the brand name, or anything.They were about three inches long, with a light breading.Fried, too.Can I get an estimate for one?
A: chicken nuggets frozen are: 400 cal for 6 so probably close to that:Serving size: 3 chicken strips Calories, 380, Cholesterol, 75 mg. Protein, 30 g, Sodium, 210 mg. Carbohydrate, 42 g, Fiber, 0 g …from the package
How many calories is half a cup of grilled chicken?
Q: I have the tyson grilled chicken strips which are 100 calories for 3 oz but I don’t have a scale. I cut the chicken into smaller pieces and ate 1/2 cup worth. How many calories do you think this would be?
A: I’d say around 150
How many calories would I save by grilling my chicken, not deep frying it?
Q: I work at DQ, and I’m planning on grilling our breaded chicken instead of deep frying it, deep fried chicken strip is 10.5g of fat, and 100 calories..Any idea how much better this would do for me? (I know girlled would be better, but I cannot eat it I gag it up blehh)Marinade it what what?
A: im not really answering your question, but, you say you can’t eat grilled chicken, have you tried adding some sort of marinade to it to make it taste better? grilled chicken can be really good.
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