How many calories are in one candy cane

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There are 60 calories in one half ounce candy cane. 1-800-2ChaCha. You call, we text. It’s unlimited. Ask away! [ Source: ]
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How many calories in a candy cane?
We manufacture different sizes of candy canes. The caloric value will vary with the size of the candy cane.
How many calories are there in a peppermint candy cane??
Here are some averages from Spangler candy. Listed are the different weights and caloric values. 1.0 oz 110 calories .50 oz 55 calories .20 oz 22 calories .10 oz 11 calories
How many calories in sweet tart candy canes?
50 I just looked on my box lol

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How many calories does a Candy Cane have?
A: It really depends on the candy cane, size and flavor. I would say anywhere from 40 calories to 90 calories. The label on the box should tell you how many calories each has.
number of calories in a candy cane?
Q: regular size, spicy not minthmm, makes me wonder what it IS made of =s ^_^
A: 55 calories in a normal size candy cane and no fat.
calories in ……?
Q: a normal size candy cane =]
A: 90 calories
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