How many calories do leg lifts burn

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Leg lifts burn about 200 calories for every 100 leg lifts. ChaCha! [ Source: ]
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How Many Calories Do Leg Lifts Burn?
That would depend on if you even break a sweat /get your heart pumping or if you are lifting any additional weight.
How many calories will 1,000 leg lifts burn?
one sit up burns 0.3 calories, and leg lifts are less strenuous (to me anyway) so i’m guessing you burned about 200 calories. walking is a better way to burn calories- it also helps heart health, so try that. it should be fine for a pregnan…
Do u burn calories doing crunches leg lifts and rep with small li…?
Any excercise will burn calories. I have no idea how many. If you keep up a regular excercise routine, you are bound to see a big difference shortly… I also agree with crunches. They were my saviour a few years back. Good luck…

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How many calories will 1,000 leg lifts burn?
Q: I just did 1,000 leg lifts on each side…how many calories did I burn?5’5 183 pounds…33 weeks pregnant.
A: Are you serious? You did 2000 leg lifts? And your pregnant? Calories, I’m not sure of the actual amount. But I’m pretty sure you’re good.
how many calories do 50 push ups and 20 leg lifts burn?
Q: I want to know how many calories I can burn if I do 50 push ups and 20 leg lifts everyday?
A: Extremely little. Push ups burn around 1/4 of a calorie per push up (so 50 push ups is a whopping 12.5 calories). Leg lifts burn about the same. It’s going to vary based on your weight, but if you’re looking for calorie-burning exercises you need to do cardio exercises such as cycling, running, swimming etc.
How many calories can 400 leg lifts on each leg burn of?
Q: and also 100 crunches
A: one step forward is = 1.5 calories this with your body weight but in the leg lifts it will get less , unless you put some weight over it then you will end up burning more and will be healthier so i think you will be burning according to your weight and age and that you didn’t included with your question .best of luck
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