How many calories does a KFC Famous Bowl have

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The KFC Bowl with mashed potatoes & gravy has 670 calories and 31 grams of fat. ChaCha On! [ Source: ]
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Who loves the KFC famous potato bowl?
I’m curious, but not curious enough to try it. I don’t like my foods touching unless it’s a casserole. I can’t imagine liking corn juice in my mashed potatoes, let alone on my chicken- yuck! And why would I want gravy on my corn? Who eat…
How do i make a kfc famous bowl?
Instant potatoes (you can use fresh and mash them but KFC uses instant and it’s easier) brown gravy (you can buy a package of gravy mix and you add water to the powdered gravy and bring to boil) Frozen corn (small bag will do, I suggest fro…
Does anyone know if the KFC famous bowl combo is only $2.99 in HI…?
Yes, in KFC, 134 Hotel St, Honolulu, Oahu, HI! |

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how many calories are in a KFC famous bowl without corn???
Q: haha
A: way too many..
KFC famous bowls calories..anyone know? The one with the chicken potatoes gray corn cheese?
A: that looks good and i am sure it is loaded with calories! i just went on a diet and it’s off limit to me. but it sounds good.
How Many Calories In…..(see details)?
Q: KFC Famous BowlMacaroni and CheeseApplesause6 Strawberries10 points if you get all of them!!
A: KFC Famous Bowl – im going to guess somewhere around 1200Macaroni and Cheese – 500 per servingApplesause – 75 per cup6 Strawberries – 15
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