How many calories does a man need to eat a day

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A 25-year-old man who exercises 30-60 minutes every day with moderate or vigorous activity should eat about 2,800 calories a day. [ Source: ]
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How Many Calories Does A Man Need A Day?
The daily guideline amount is 2500 BUT take into consideration your age (you may need more if you’re growing) and also how active you are (if you do lots of sports have more if you have an office job have less)
Who needs more calories per day men or women and why??
Men need approximately 2550 calories per day and women approximately need 1940 calories per day. Men need more calories per day because they have larger muscles.
How mant calories does a 6ft 240pound man need a day??
well im 15 and weigh 364 ive drinken pop all my life i just stopped and im now working out to get accepted in school i went to my doctor and he said that 2000 calories a day for me and im starting to walk 45 mins so you need about the same …

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How many calories should a 243 pound man eat a day to loose wheight.?
A: Find out how many calories that man eats every day.Subtract 500-1,500 calories. If he is losing weigh too quick, up the calories, if he is losing weight too slow, lower the calories. Finding the right amount of calories is an experiment on your body, you have to figure out how much is enough by yourself.The reason I did not give you a specific number is because everyone has a different metabolism.
how many calories should a man eat every day?
A: It just depends how old the man is, how tall the man is, and how much the man weighs. It also depends on whether the man wants to lose or gain weight. For example. An active 30 year old male who is 71 inches and weighs 250 pounds should eat 3767 calories a day to maintain weight. Wheras a sedentary 57 inch man that weighs 100 pounds should eat 1623 calories to maintain weight.
how many calories should a 220lb man eat a day to lose weight including exercises like running 3 miles a day?
A: You must first establish your maintenance calories. This is a measure of how many calories that you would take in to just maintain your current weight. There are sites with this calculation and is based on your age and level of activity. (If you sit at a desk all day, your maintenance calories will be lower than if you work as a delivery driver or other job that is more physically active. Everyone is different, so you have to find YOUR maintenance level.) Do a search for it. Then, you would subtract 500 calories per day to establish your daily caloric intake to reduce weight. With this new value for calories, combined with exercise, you’ll create a caloric deficit, allowing yourself to lose weight. This is a safe approach, since it won’t cause weight loss too fast. Combining this with exercise, as you are doing or planning, is a healthy model to follow.
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