How many calories does a nacho have from Taco Bell

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Taco Bell’s Nachos: Regular has 330 calories, 21.0g of fat and 32.0g of carbs in each serving (3.5 oz). ChaCha! [ Source: ]
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How many calories are in taco bells nacho bell grande?
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How many calories are in one taco bell hot sauce packet?
Taco Bell hot sauce packet has :Calories 0.Fat 0g,Sodium 50mg (Mild) 65mg (Ho…
How Many Calories In A Taco Bell Bean Burrito?
Taco Bell has so many different types of burritos and each one has a different number of calories depending on the ingredients. The bean Burrito has the lowest number of calories along with chicken and steak fiesta burritos. It has 370 calo…

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How many calories are in these taco bell foods?
Q: How many calories are in taco bells bean burito with sour creme? And a soft taco supreme with sour creme and a crunchy taco with sour creme and my personal fav NACHO BEL GRANDE!!?? How many calories are in my fac taco bell foods?? I’m not overiweight just craving me some taco bell!! Do u like Taco Bell?!?
A: here is a link to the Taco Bell Nutrition Calculator, Enjoy
what are healthy choices from taco bell?
Q: i LOVE taco bell and my mom is going there to pick me up some food in about a half hour and i usually get 2 hard tacos and something else, like a crunchwrap, or steak grilled taquitos which are not a very healthy choice. i’m also on a diet and watching mostly how many carbs i eat, and calories.i usually use but right now it isnt working on my what are some other healthy/low carb choices from taco bell besides the tacos?are plain nachos and cheese somewhat okay.[ i know most things at taco bell are not near ‘healthy’ but what is the best things?]
A: They have a great Fresco Menu that takes out all of the special sauces and cheese and they replace it with pico de gallo. They have burritos, tacos, and bowls on the menu. They’re tasty!!
Taco Bell’s Nachos Bell Grande and Nachos Supreme look about the same?
Q: The Bell Grande looks like it’s supposed to be bigger with twice as many calories, but sometimes it just looks about the same amount of nachos as their Nachos Supreme except spread out over a larger plastic container. Does anyone else think this and that maybe Taco Bell employees are just ripping off the customer more or less?You can’t go by price and ounces…especially if you go by ounces on their nutrition menu. That doesn’t compare to what they’re supposed to give you in real life. They’re supposed to be exactly the same, just one is smaller, but I’ve had either or at different times and they’ve always looked about the same amount to me.
A: Yeah they seem to be the same to me. Nachos supreme doesnt seem that much smaller either, just piled higher. I think they are supposed to give you way more with the Bell Grande, but idiot workers who dont care lay it out pretty skimmpy.
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