How many calories does hash browns from mcdonalds have

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In 1 order of McDonald’s hash browns, which is 53g there are 130 calories. Thanks for using Chacha! [ Source: ]
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How Many Calories In A Mcdonalds Hash Brown?
According to the Mcdonald’s US website, there are 150 calories in their hashbrowns.

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How many calories did i eat? did i eat good? HELP?
Q: About how many calories did i eat today? I am trying to cut down on eating so much so help me out!Breakfast: -Mcdonalds mcskillet burrito-two hash browns-A mcdonalds mcgriddle-A large cokeLunch:-A big mac-A large fry-A ceasor salad-A large cokeDinner:-Chicken Pot Pie -Canned Corn-Mashed Potatoes-A cokeDessert:-A slice of strawberry cakeSnacks:-Two tastycake cupcakes-a brownie snack bar-A bag of potatoe chipsI really want to eat healthier but it is so hard! No, i will not give away my weight. Thank you!
A: Breakfast: -Mcdonalds mcskillet burrito 610 calories, 36 grams of fat-two hash browns 300 18-A mcdonalds mcgriddle 500 32-A large coke 310 0Lunch:-A big mac 540 29-A large fry 500 25-A ceasor salad 220 6-A large coke 310 0Dinner:-Chicken Pot Pie 410 23-Canned Corn 80 2-Mashed Potatoes 200 10-A coke 110 0Dessert:-A slice of strawberry cake 215 10Snacks:-Two tastycake cupcakes 175 5-a brownie snack bar 190 6-A bag of potatoe chips 175 6Thats a total of 4845 calories and 208 grams of fat.You need to cut your calories down to 2000 a day, and your fat should only be 32 grams per day.My suggestion would be to start seeing an eating coach. This would be like a Weight Watchers coach, or a Nutrition Specialist that would work with your doctor to help you improve your health.Good luck.
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