How many calories in a burrito from taco bell

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Hello! A bean burrito from Taco Bell is 370 calories and 11G of fat. ChaCha! [ Source: ]
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How Many Calories In A Taco Bell Bean Burrito??
Taco Bell has so many different types of burritos and each one has a different number of calories depending on the ingredients. The bean Burrito has the lowest number of calories along with chicken and steak fiesta burritos. It has 370 calo…
How many calories are in a taco bell burrito?
It all depends on which burrito you order. They range from 370 if you get the regular bean burrito or the chicken fiesta burrito, all the way up to 730 if you get the grilled stuffed beef burrito. Then of course there are others in between …
What is the recipe for Taco Bell’s bean burrito?
We don’t have Taco Bell here in Ireland *cry,cry* : )

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how many calories in a bean & cheese burrito from taco bell?
Q: I FEEL SO FAThow many calories are in a bean and cheese burrito from Taco bell?the beans kept falling out lmfaoi feel fattie :(((
A: This link will help you figure it out.
How many calories in taco bell cheesy bacon potato burrito?
Q: Does anyone know how many calories are in taco bell’s new cheesy bacon potato burrito?
A: Calories: 680Calories From Fat: 320Total Fat: 36gramsSaturated Fat: 11 gramsTrans Fat: 2gramsCholesterol: 70mgSodium: 2160mgCarbohydrates: 57gramsDietary Fiber: 7gramsSugars: 5gramsProtein: 31grams
How many calories does 1 beef and potato burrito from Taco Bell contain?
A: Not sure to be exact but I know alot of restruants you can go on their website and search nutrition facts and see what each products calories, fat, etc etc is. I know you can do this for dunkin donuts and mcdonalds. I never eat at mcdonalds but we do have a family friend and she suggested it to us and that was the last time i ate there. No offense to anyone who eats there.
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