How many calories in a serving of apple juice

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100ml’s of Copella apple juice is 43 calories, Del Monte 59 calories, Gateway 39 calories, Southern Gold 46 calories and Natural apple juice 40 calories. ChaCha Again! [ Source: ]
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How Many Calories In Apple Juice?
Depends on the size of the glass!
How many Calories in fresh squeezed apple juice?
one cup of fresh apple juice has 140 calories

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Calories in apple juice?
Q: I am wondering.. how do i know how much calories i am taking when i drink juice in a cupi know the nutrition facts say 130 per serving but the factory is not going to know how much of the uice you are actually drinking..
A: IT should say how much a “serving” is. if it says 8 ounces. then for every8 ounces you drink your drinking 130 cals
I need to know how many calories are in all of these!!?
Q: I know it varies depending on brand and all of that, but just typically.Okay.So one cup of cereal (without milk)One cup of ceral (with milk)An eggHot dogApplesBannanaPeachA serving of cornA serving of peasA salad (like just the leafys and tamatos and cheese)A cup of milkA cup of orange juiceA cup of apple juiceSlice of cheeseTwo pancakesA slice of breadTwo chicken tendersA pizza hot pocket (with some type of meat in it)A serving of carrotsA bowl of ice creamHow many calories are typically in those and anything else you want to add (I need to know for lots of food) is blocked :/I’m on my school computer and its for a school project.I have to set up a meal plan for children of different ages.We are lacking food in my house 😡 Or I’d just run to the kitchen and look.
A: cereal- normally 100 caloriescereal with milk- around 150 calories with 1/2 cup of skimegg- 70 calorieshot dog- 150 caloriesapple- 80 caloriesbannana- 100 caloriespeach- 75 caloriescorn- 70 caloriespeas- 60 caloriessalad- 60 caloriesmilk- skim 100orange juice- 100 caloriesapple juice- 110 caloriesslice of cheese- 70 caloriestwo pancakes- 150 caloriesslice of bread- 70 caloriestwo chicken tenders- 200 caloriespizza pocket- 220 caloriesserving of carrots- 35 caloriesice cream- 200 calories
is apple cider a serving of fruit?
Q: i have Ziegler’s old-fashioned apple cider and it’s 110 calories and no fat, but i was wondering if it was healthy and if it also counted as a serving of a fruit if you have an 8 oz cup of it because if you have orange juice, thats one serving of fruit, and i was wondering if that was the same..?
A: yes it is a serving.
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