How many calories in a shot of triple sec

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73 calories in a shot of triple sec. ChaCha! [ Source: ]
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Do you have to use triple sec to make a lemon drop shot??
Actually, I’ve never used it, though I suppose you could. I usually just use a vodka (Possibly a citrus vodka) and lemon juice, along with some sugar.
What flavor Jell-O shots can I make with orange-flavored Triple S…?
They’re going to be weak as hell, but you can mix triple sec with pretty much any flavor (cherry might be nice.) I say, buy some really cheap vodka and use that with the triple sec and lime Jello to make Kamikazes. Cherry or watermelon jell…
What is the best brand of triple sec to use to make Kamikazie sho…?
Grand Mariner, but you’re making Kamikazies so DeKuyper or even Arrow is just fine and a lot less expensive.
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