How many calories in an egg fried in butter

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One egg fried in butter or oil has 92 calories, 7 grams fat, but no carbohydrates. Thanks for asking ChaCha [ Source: ]
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Do eggs and butter get you really fat or have to much calories??
Well, that means that you are eating just the right amount of food for the amount of exercise you are doing to maintain your weight. It doesn’t matter where the food is coming from really, whether it be eggs and olive oil or cheeseburgers…..

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How many calories in a egg?
Q: How many calories would be in a egg fried in a pan with butter, on a piece of toast?
A: 1 large egg is approx. 75 calories. 1 t butter about 35, and the sliced bread I have is about 95 cals a slice. So that’s 205 calories. Add a small apple (55 cals), some brewed unsweetened tea (effectively 0 cals) and a thin slice of swiss cheese (90 cals) and you have a 350 calorie very good breakfast.
How much calories are there in 1 Kilogram? if we are going to convert it?
Q: How many calories are there in a cup of rice, one whole fry egg,a half butter, 1 psc. of meat or fish and a plain water or milk?
A: There are 3500 Calories in a pound, so that makes 7717.5 Calories in a kilogram (1kg = 2.205lbs).The nutrition facts of some of those things are variables. Is the rice white or brown? What kind of meat or fish, and how big is the piece? Is the butter whole, light, or fat-free, and how much of it? Is the milk whole, 2%, 1%, or skim?1 cup of brown long-grain rice is 216 Calories1 cup of white long-grain rice is 205C1 fried large egg is 92C1 tablespoon of butter (with salt in it) is 102C3 ounces of steak with the fat trimmed off is 136C2 ounces of boneless skinless roasted chicken is 96C3 ounces of canned tuna in water is 109C3 ounces of Atlantic salmon is 175CWater is no calories1 cup whole milk is 146C1 cup 2% milk is 122C1 cup 1% milk is 102C1 cup skim milk is 83C
how many calories are in these things?
Q: bit of a random list but what are the calories in:a small portion of homemade friesa fried egga medium pot of tomato and cheese pasta2 slices of toast with buttera slice of margarita pizza from a fast food placea small salad with lettuce, tomato, cucumber and yellow pepper (no dressing)a medium sized cheese baguettea cup of tea with semi-skimmed milk and 2 sugarsi know its an odd list, but i really need the answers! (not the total calories in everything put togther though! seperately aha!)thankyou to everyone that answers 🙂
A: 1) Depends what you have made it in. You could just buy oven fries and then it tells you on the packet.2) If made in Oil usually 80-100 calories.3) Per 100g 600-700 calories4) 200-250 calories5) Too many to count, it’s not even healthy6) Per 100g 50-80 calories7) 450-500 calories8) 25-30 caloriesHope it helped x
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