How many calories in one tootsie roll

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One piece of a Tootsie Roll has 25 calories, 0g of fat, and 6g of carbohydrates. Thanks for ChaCha’ing and have a great night! [ Source: ]
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How many calories are in a Tootsie Roll?
There are 140 calories in an original Tootsie Roll.
How many calories are in a small Tootsie Roll?
According to’s calorie counter, there are 25.5 calories in a small tootsie roll
How many calories in a 5 ounce tootsie roll?
It is hard to tell but you can go to the tootsie roll website and ask them.

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How Many Calories Are In A Tootsie Roll Pop Without The Tottsie Roll Middle?
Q: I’m curious as to how many calories are in a tootsie roll pop without the tootsie roll center itself.Thx
A: 1 entire lollipop is 60 calories subtract that by the amount of calories in a tootsie roll = 25.5 –the small (inside)that equals 34.5 calories =P
How many calories are in a tootsie roll?
Q: I was just wondering this yesterday-for the smaller onesand are there differences between original, vanilla, and fruit flavored ones?
A: Only about 6. 170 for 30 which is the serving size.
Do you think that it is bad to eat 6 Tootsie roll suckers as a dessert?
Q: I eat about 1700 calories and 300 of them are suckers. Is that bad, I think that it is ok because it is like a normal dessert.
A: You said yourself you eat 1700 calories per day, that is excellent. So no, 300 calories in candy is not bad. Just one candy bar can be well over 500 calories. You are more likely to stick to your diet by eating the tootsie roll suckers instead of denying yourself the dessert you are craving.
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