How many calories is a bag of popcorn

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There are 160 calories in every 2 tablespoons of unpopped popcorn. 1-800-2ChaCha, you call, we text. Unlimited! [ Source: ]
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About 521 calories and 37 calories of it are fat
According to the data you supplied, the correct answer is 105 calories. You are eating popped popcorn, right? So we’ll use only the numbers referring to popped popcorn. So 30 calories per one cup times 3.5 cups Total = 105 calories Check…
Yes, I have. And it’s utterly ridiculous when you look at the nutrition info for popcorn. They love telling you how many calories are in unpopped kernals. Check out the serving size. Most of the time, theere are 3 cups to a serving, 3 servi…

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How many calories are in a bag of the movie theatre butter Orville Redenbacher’s popcorn bag?
Q: I need to know how many calories TOTAL are in a bag of the original orville popcorn bags. The kind that you cook in the microwave, thanks guys. I need to know for my grandma, and Im not good at the math. And I need to know that total for the popped popcorn. Thanks.
A: no idea look on the package. did you know he is from indiana and so am i!
How many calories does a bag of popcorn have?
Q: The nutritional label is very confusing. It claims to onlny have 35 calories per serving popped. How does unpopped popcorn have more calories at 160?Help!
A: some of the oil is burned off due to popping
How many calories are in 1 full bag of microwave popcorn?
Q: I am looking for the amount of calories 1 regular sized bag of microwave popcorn with regular butter has popped. Not the mini bags, but the calories for the WHOLE bag.The brand doesn’t really matter.I don’t have a label readily available. If anyone knows the calories let me know. Thank you!
A: read the label and multiply by them amount of servings
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